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The Cross Between Her Breasts

God says,

“How fair and how pleasant art thou, O love, for delights! This thy stature is like to a palm tree, and thy breasts to clusters of grapes. I said, I will go up to the palm tree, I will take hold of the boughs thereof: now also thy breasts shall be as clusters of the vine, and the smell of thy nose like apples;”

Song of Solomon 7:6-8

I was looking the other day at how my wife’s necklace lay between her breasts.  The juxtaposition of the holy and sacred and her female form stuck me as so appropriate. Usually, though, in the world, most people do not put the cross and wanting to make love to your wife in the same category.

Intimacy is where God dwells

What I am experiencing lately with my Father is that the interaction of what is between my wife’s lovely breasts and our love making is precisely where God dwells.  It is more than agape love or even agape sex; it is living agape life itself.

God is agape by His very nature.  In fact, whatever is not agape is not of Him. Intimacy is at the core of who God is and so He made it at the core of who we are too.  This is why the first casualty of our fall from grace was that we became ashamed of our intimate nature.

The virgin birth

Likewise, when God brought forth His son how did He do it? Intimately, through impregnating Mary with His divine seed. God chose the most intimate way possible to show how much He wants to be one with Mankind.

I suspect the origins of Lucifer’s sin happened when he learned of God’s plan for mankind.  God planned to create a race of beings that could do something he could not: bring forth life though her womb.  Moreover, when that arch angel saw Eve he became enraged with jealousy.  The woman that walked before him was more beautiful than he was.  The sin in his heart led that fallen angel to try to kill Eve through tempting her to eat of the forbidden fruit.

What the devil hated, God used to bring forth the very one that defeated him.  God overshawdowed Mary and implanted His holy seed within her womb. That divine seed grew into a man-child that would take away the sins of the world.  The offspring of the very womb-man that Satan hated sealed his fate, making the Lake of Fire a certainty.

Intimacy is beautiful and holy

People sometimes refer to having sex as doing the “nasty.” However, in reality it is doing the “Godly” when we are Spirit led. Agape sex is the first love of Eden restored.  For a woman to flaunt her breasts with a cross between them is actually not naughty at all but rather, if God has joined you, appropriate and sacred.

When my wife drew my attention to her lovely bosom by the cross laying on her smooth skin, I not only wanted her but I also received revelation.  For many, if not most, it seems sacrilegious to put God anywhere near sex. In fact, I have seen it openly scorned upon to not bring God anywhere near those intimate times

Wrapped up and entangled

However, when you are spiritually connected you are so wrapped up and tangled between your wife, yourself and God it’s like you’re all mingled together.  The amazing fact of the matter is that “mingled together ” is exactly how God designed it to be.

God is all about intimacy and with that comes His closeness and mingling at all times, even during sex; whether people can handle that fact is irrelevant because God meant it to be that way. When people deny intimacy they deny the very nature of God. Sex isn’t a dirty thing no matter how it’s been abused or how people have been abused with it.

We just don’t see things straight

People struggle to get their heads around this truth because of how intimacy is portrayed in the world and by the church.  Believers find it difficult to embrace intimacy as good and godly when they have indulged in sexual sin or been abused by those who do. However, we cannot allow fear of intimacy to keep us from the Love of God through each other.

The devil tries to mess with our concepts of intimacy because it is at our core. If Satan succeeds  in shaming us in this area it effects every other area of our lives. We become ashamed and run away from God, wanting to hide from Him.  That is why the devil works overtime in this area.  Therefore, when we allow God to straighten out that area in our lives everything else tends to follow.

In conclusion, God is love, and intimacy is at the core of our Father’s being. Let us embrace both the cross and His intimate nature.  When the Holy Spirit leads us to be free in this area, simply allow God be Himself through us.

Finally, I specifically do not give all the qualifications that people normally do in these writings because you need to learn to follow God for yourself.  Develop your own ability to hear your Father’s voice. Learn to trust God in all things.  Develop integrity in the Spirit to only do what He leads you to do; no more, no less.


I Keep Falling In Love With You Lord