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A Cup of Cold Water

Cold Water, To A Man Dying Of Thirst, Means Everything

A cup of cold water: what is it worth?  I’ll tell you, “Everything” to a person dying of thirst. What we take for granted can mean life to those who are in need.  To those who are lost and crying out for someone, anyone, to care about them, even a little bit of something can mean everything to them.

Sometimes the direction of people’s lives pivot on a single act of kindness. It may seem small to us but to those who are looking for some glimmer of hope, you can be the one that helps them through the most difficult time of their lives.

A word of encouragement

I remember when I was at Art School, one day, as I walked down the hall a girl ran up to me, threw her arms around me, and hugged me tightly.  She exclaimed, “I did it!  I passed my class just as you said I could. Thank you, thank you so much!”

Odd thing was that I did not even remember her name.  I even did not remember giving her encouragement.  My encouragement to this young girl was like a cup of cold water. Later I marveled at how something I said that was so little to me had meant so much to her. Truly, our words have creative power in the lives of those around us.

At this stage of our Tabernacle movement what I feel most upon my heart it to achieve as much “clarity’ as possible in our words.  We want to make the message of Tabernacles crystal clear so that it will be accessible to those who read and hear our message.

We need a deep connection with God

The vision that God has given me is to help others experience a deep connection with God and the body of Christ. I want to teach people how to hear His voice irrespective of Christian dogma or convention.  If you are thirsty, I want these precepts to be a cup of cold water.

A present, so much of Christianity is focused upon the outward.  We want to look good, act correctly, build big ministries and so on.  At times, even things that should be inward are given outward measures, like how much time we spend in prayer, how long we have been a Christian, or who we know that is recognition of a powerful man or woman of God.  Yet, until we get the essence of Christianity right, which is our relationship with the Holy Spirit, little we do on the outward really matters.

Make the vision plain

This is why speaking the message of “becoming one with God” is so important.  Until we start to unite with His Spirit we will never be truly effective ministers of His mercy.  It is in doing the will of God that we follow the will of God and to do that we must “clearly” hear His voice.

I cannot accomplish this vision without men and women of faith who are willing to put their talents to use for His Kingdom.  So many want to be seen and recognized for what they do but true servants don’t have to be seen to do the work of their Master.

Practice random acts of faith often

Lastly, at the beginning of great things, seemingly small acts of faith can have far-reaching and dramatic effects. If you want to make your talents count, invest them by faith in something that has the potential to bring about fundamental change and eternal rewards. Invest yourself in this movement and the restoration of the spiritual fulfillment of the feast of Tabernacles. Help bring the message of God’s Divine Love to a lost and hurting generation. Use your unique gifts to help bring forth God’s kingdom within the hearts of men and women everywhere!

How can I apply this teaching to my life?

Please understand that I say this in love, but here is a truth,

“Stop despising who you are and start honoring Whom you serve.”

Even if you only have a small stone, with God you can kill a giant! If you only have the jawbone of an ass you can slay a thousand of God’s enemies!  Even you if you only have 300 fighting men left you can defeat an army of over a hundred thousand! Why?  Because it is not what you possess that ensures your victory but the Person Whom you serve.

Therefore, do not despise who you are in God.  God does not make mistakes.  If you have a gift, no matter how small it may be, in the hands of the Almighty it is mighty!  Let yourself be an instrument of deliverance to a lost and hurting generation.

Give what you have, even if it is a cup of cold water

This means, that when you are asked to give what you have for God’s service, even if it is a cup of cold water, do so in faith. Know that even faith as small as a mustard seed, in God’s hands, can accomplish the impossible.  If God is speaking to your heart to give of yourself to His work, then simply say, “Here am I, send me.”  Put action to your pledge and follow through by faith. Let God be all He can be (which is pretty amazing) through you.   Amen and Amen!

Ben Hur receives a cup of cold water from Christ