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Dammed in our hearts

Are You Dammed Up In Your Heart?

That is to say, most of what we are is blocked and held back by a lifetime of pain and suffering. Each and every time we were disappointed, treated unkindly, hurt, or misused, another block was put in the dam of our hearts restricting the flow of who we are.

This is a universal condition.  Some people’s dams are smaller than others but we all have them.  We use dams to protect ourselves.  If we show too much emotion, when we are too open, we fear what may happen.  It is safer to hold back who we are so that people only see what we want them to see.  Some dams are small and hold back a little of what we are and some people’s dams are so tall that hardly anything gets through.

Dams hold back who we truly are

We are all convinced that our dams protect us.  However, dams only restrict the free flow of who we are.  We keep others on the outside, our dams only allowing a little stream to flow through, when the truth is, a mighty river lurks just on the other side.

Unfortunately, the dams in our hearts also restrict our life. Where once life was able to flow through us, now the life of our spirit has a hard time getting through.  Our dams are self-made prisons for our souls.

God can not flow through us when we are dammed up

Much of the strength of the Body of Christ is hidden behind the dams of our hearts.  The gifts of the Spirit cannot flow because we are afraid to allow the gates of our hearts to open wide and truly love.  The distance between two people is never greater than when they sit next to each other in church.  Our rivers are disconnected and what we let out is just a pitiful amount compared to what is really there.

Every dammed heart longs to be set free.  There is tremendous pressure behind our walls and we grow weary of holding it back. We have done so for so long we fear letting go because we don’t know what will happen.

In a way, the whole human race is like that.  Since the fall we have held back, out of fear, who we really are.  The magnificence of who we can be in God is held behind the walls that we have erected to protect ourselves and we all suffer for it.

Behold the first love of Eden

There is coming a mighty move of God’s spirit that is going to release who we are by dissolving the barriers between us. God’s divine love, which is the manifestation of the spiritual fulfillment of Tabernacles, is going to set our rivers free once again to flow as God intended. Eden was full of rivers. In that day, the love of God, and thus His gifts, will flow through us like a mighty torrent and we will finally be free to be who we really are.

The restoration of our Spiritual Connection

What we all long for is a deep spiritual connection with God and each other.  Even if you do not know it or even believe it, God made you to need others.  Isolation is a symptom of mental illness. Our self inflicted dams restrict us until there is hardly any life flowing through us at all.

The healing power of God’s love is more powerful than any hurt or disappointment we have.  Once you love as God loves you become whole as He is. When we lack love we lack His nature and thus we lack life.

Become one as God is one

Most people do not understand that in the Garden of Eden we were not body, soul, and spirit.  We were whole and there was no separation within us.  Breaking with God, through sin, shattered our psyches.  Our spirits separated from our souls and the battle between our spirits and souls began in earnest. That is the conflict that you feel inside every day. It is the source of your angst. It is what is at the root of all mental illness.

The love of God, which is a separate and distinct spiritual experience, heals all that.  The love of God makes us whole. Harmony returns to us and our spirits and souls reintegrate as we are made back into His image and likeness.  God is one, therefore when we take on His nature, we become one.

The golden age of mankind is about to be born.  It is the Millennium or thousand-year reign of Christ.  Satan will be bound and the Spirit of God will be poured out on all flesh.  Man will begin to flow as God intended and we shall be a mighty river indeed.

There is hope, with God’s love nothing is impossible

Take hope, my friend.  If you feel walled up and blocked by hurt or fear God is the answer.  Our loving father can gently remove the blockages in your heart and release the living waters to flow freely once again.  The move of His Divine Love, through the Body of Christ, is going to heal you in ways you never thought possible.   Once you are free you and others will meet your true self and rejoice.  Amen.

Nothing Is Impossible by Planet Shakers