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port of call

God’s Divine love is our safe haven in the storms of life

A harbor in real life protects mariners from natural storms. Similarly, in the stormy seas of our lives, sometimes we need a safe port of call to shelter us too. Christ is our lighthouse, a beacon of hope in our lives. His love expressed amongst us, protects us during times of spiritual storms.

We are made to be loved and it is literally the reason why God created us. From our earliest childhood, to the day we pass over, love is the harbor we seek in times of trouble. A kind word, hug or kiss can be a real life saver when we feel like we are drowning.

Accusations, within and without, keep us from love

However, our enemy tries to prevent us from receiving the love we need. Satan accuses us day and night, not only to God, but many times through our brethren. Consequently, innuendos, gossip, and disapproving glances, discourage us from loving each other. Some even feel they must be the intimacy police, separating anyone getting too close for their comfort.

The problem is that we need to be loved more than what churches allow. Though God wants to minister to our needs, many refuse to manifest Him because they’re afraid of how it will look. Jesus wants to do and be whatever we need, but he can’t because we fear to obey.

For many, they see church as a port of call during the storm. Many drag themselves to Sunday service hoping against hope that God will touch them, hold them, do something! Yet, because clergy restricts intimacy among believers, many never receive the touch they need.

The Divine Love of God in the end times

However, we are living in the end times. In many areas of the world Christians are dying for the name of their Savior. That spirit of antichrist, pitiless and vengeful, is spreading among the nations.

During these times of hardship, what gives us strength to endure and even to rise above the storm, is God’s divine love. Moreover, it is the the love of God flowing through each us that is our port of call in these troubled times.

The church highly restricts God’s love

Though the world associates almost all forms of physical intimacy between members of the opposite sex with sin, we don’t have to. Spirit led Christians need not fear loving one another because of how it may look. However, in pureness of heart, dare to hold, kiss or otherwise comfort those God connects you with.

I remember the testimony a pastors wife shared with me. She related that, as she drove home, she saw a man walking into a field. Immediately, she felt like she needed to speak with him. Yet, because she was alone and because she might be seen by others in the community, she elected to drive on by.

Are people dying for lack of our love?

Normally, that would be all there was to the story. The truth is, many of us feel things by the Spirit each day which we never follow up on. Though God may be quite clear, still we don’t yield to His still, small voice. Also, we doubt ourselves so much, we often excuse ourselves by saying we’re not sure. “Besides, who am I?” and “It doesn’t matter that much what I do.”

However, on that particular day it did matter a lot. The pastors wife did hear correctly. God was asking her to go speak to that man in the field at that precise time. The very next day a local paper reported that a man committed suicide in that very field.

Loving one another in the Body of Christ is a sacred commandment.

Jesus says,

” A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.”

John 13:34

The point I am making is that the love God wants to show to one another is much deeper and more expressive than current christian teaching allows. Being natural minded about spiritual things, we second guess God way too much. Refusing to do His will, because it doesn’t make sense, we often frustrate His purposes.

Tabernacles Centrals mission is to be a lighthouse, a port of call in the stormy seas of our lives. A fixed, steady beacon of Divine Love for those who desire to both feel and give God’s very nature to others. As we shine our light to those who are searching for a safe harbor, they will find the Christ they long to meet in our smiles, loving eyes and kind words. But most of all we will lend a loving hand to those who feel they are lost.

Red sky in morning, sailor take warning

I got up early one morning and I looked at the sky and it was blood red. God spoke to me and said, “red sky in morning, sailor take warning”. I looked away for a moment, then seconds later I looked back and it was completely normal.

In conclusion, in these last days, God’s love expressed in and through us is our port of call in the storm. It is the place we find shelter and safe harbor in our times of trouble. When there is a storm approaching on the high seas it is all hands on deck. Likewise, with what I see on the horizon we need everyone to love as God loves without reserve. Amen.

Love Is Divine by Seal