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Divine love

(The audio is low so you may have to turn your sound up)

To begin with, brothers and sisters, God has really been impressing on me to go into this topic openly with you. I hope to help you cross the line of reading words, to explaining phraseology, to actually understanding what being One with God is. To experience what this spiritual unity is within the body of Christ.

Letting go for Love’s sake

In the past, I have tried to write in such a way I felt would be more palatable for people. Trying to bridge from what Christians generally are fed to experiencing how God wants you to walk freely in and with Him. However, God is goading me to lay it out for you as He lays it out for me, unfiltered as I receive it. I pray understanding for whomever reads and listens to this. My desire is that your eyes be opened to the truth, that your hearts believe it, and your minds understand it. As your minds receive it, let your tongues speak it and your spirits experience this truth with others, amen.

The Song of Songs

Next, I am going to talk about something often avoided, the book of The Song of Solomon. This book paints a picture of our marriage feast with God. It demonstrates, through King Solomon and Abishag, how we are to be immersed in His Divine Love and feasting with Him at the marriage supper of the Lamb. It is about being One with God and soaking in His presence. I, to date, have not read anyone’s viewpoint on this book. Therefore, I am approaching this writing from a “speaking from the heart” viewpoint on the subject. This is what God is leading me in doing today. Doing so, is for me, the epitome of Listening for God speaking, Hearing what He is saying and Obeying God in that, on time!

He brought me to His banqueting table, His banner over me is Love, surrendering to God, I in He as He is in me, delighting with the Lord at the banqueting table, the Lord delights over you, feasting with God …

What is the practicality of this, what is the reality of this, and what is this ‘Christianese’ speak translated? Well, I am going to try to break it down in this writing and video.

Please pray with me

So I will open with prayer, prayer for myself and for us all partaking in this Word today, that each of us will take away, break off some part of God’s manna and share it with our brethren, wherever we are, as this is what I believe the Lord is speaking today and wants His children to know worldwide.

Help us know your heart

Lord help me in letting go and letting You fully come forward, use me, use my hands to write this post, help me with the language to use to glorify You, to help Your children know Your heart, bring them to You, in closeness, embracing You in full intimacy, soaking in Your Divine Love and Spirit.

Help me not be afraid of what I see, of what I hear, of what I feel, of what I taste and touch…help me to ‘taste and see that the LORD is indeed good’!  Let it all be clearer than the purest water. Draw me close, as close as ever, to Your embrace. Jesus, shine through all that is written. No matter the intensity, the depth, the light, the love, let the words bring it all out for all people to see, the testimony, praise and worship of Your love, Spiritual Closeness, Oneness with You, Spiritual sensuality.

We trust you, Lord,

Lord, I trust You with all my heart, my mind, and soul…You are the One I can do this with, I feel Your very real presence, Spirit and love. Let it wash over me, renew, refresh and fill me: consume me. Raining over the body, through and through.

In the river of Your love, Your peace, Your embrace, Your closeness, Your arms, spirits uniting, becoming one, the explosion, the joy, the surrender…help me lose the fear and surrender…come to the river. Awaken my soul, to seek You, to know You, my Divine love, awaken me from my sleep, fall afresh on me, overflow and let no darkness remain, fill me with Your light, Your love, Your spirit…ablaze up into the furnace of Your love.

Your banner over me is divine love

River of life flow, soak in that river…yes I am my beloved’s and He is mine…oh and his banner, over me…is love…yes his banner over me…is love…I in He as He is in me…You satisfy me Lord, we can feel the love of God, delight at your banqueting table Lord…as You delight over us, you wrap around us, consume us, fill us, become One with us…

You brought us to your banqueting table, you did this Lord, your banner over us is love, it is a cord.  More love, more power, more of you here in this place.  Take us deeper and deeper into you. Immerse us in your love, Spirit and truth, taking us into the Holy of Holies, the secret place.  We are spiritual beings. We do not need anything physical…you take us beyond that.

God’s love transports us to a place beyond birds and trees and grass and land and sea. A place of spiritual ecstasy.  A place where we do not even need to think.  Where everything is perfect for you are the perfection, therefore, we are perfected in actions and speech. A holy place of spiritual explosion and serenity.  Our haven and our oasis. Our tabernacle…not following the pillar of fire and light but being within that, becoming a part of that, one with you.

Where Your Spirit is Beloved, there is liberty

Likewise, where your spirit is there is indeed freedom, you set the captives free…free us from any chains anything that holds us back from total, complete FREEDOM in you…let us take hold of our hands and with you, take us to that place of complete joy, peace, love, flying with you…my soul longs for you, you come like the rain

Uniting, becoming one, beyond sexual, beyond sensual, like this and beyond. I in He as He is in me. Becoming one in spirit, no longer I, no longer he, but the one…beyond deep there is no end and no beginning. Divine lover beyond beauty.

Pamper yourself in God

To soak or feast with God is not something to have a guilt trip over. It is all fine to be ‘doers of the Word,’ however, not to the detriment of your relationship with God. The most important part with Jesus is being in His presence and soaking and feasting on His Divine Love. Now, speaking of God in a spiritual, sensual way even, can seem to be sacrilegious to many. I can feel that virtual finger-wagging! However, this is exactly what the book of Song of Songs is about, and what our Heavenly Bridegroom’s true Divine Love involves.

 I am my Beloved and He is mine

Intimacy with God, is, in a very literal sense, a drawing close to Him allowing Him to draw close to you. I put it that way because so many times we can only have God in our lives as far as we allow Him. We do not necessarily give God full, open access to all parts of our lives. Many do not fully yield to God, thinking that if we leave God out of a certain area, He will not know about it! Some fear letting go and letting God bring salve to heal areas of our lives, assuming the pain will override us more than God’s Divine Love and consuming fire.

An example sometimes is in the manner I write. Sometimes, God speaks to me in such ways that are very intimate and deep. However, when it comes to sharing those intimate experiences with others…I water it down because I feel people may not understand where I am coming from and worry about sounding too full on! So, in this essay, I am feeling to go and let God be full-on with you all through me!!

Loving God without limits

My ‘thing’ with God, if you like, which He has me ministering to others about, is like the title of the video I did on ‘walking in the way of Love’. The question is, will you let go of your preconceived teachings?  How should we behave in relation to God? These boundaries were drummed into us by many people (I am sure well-meaning).  However, they have managed to achieve the opposite, creating barriers to being fully able to let go and let God totally consume us. For us to be in Him as He is in us. He is the King of our hearts, which means He has sovereignty in our hearts, we are to ‘prepare the way for the Lord’ with our hearts and allow Him full access!!

How the Spirit moves through you

John 3

8 The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.

I quote this Scripture because this is how you should be in your Spirit with God. You are Spirit-led children of God. You are a beloved son or daughter of God with whom He is well pleased. If He sets you free, you are free indeed, soaring high in the sky, on the winds of His Spirit. Totally yielding is total freedom, which leads to your wings being totally open. This leads to your hearts and minds being open to whatever God is leading you in, in any given moment, wherever He is taking you body or spirit or both, whatever it is supernaturally He wants you to be, at any time.

We are born of the Spirit

This is another word which is often looked away from…supernatural. Yes, God is supernatural and we are supernatural. We are NO LONGER of this world, just in it.  Not being of this world we are supernatural. We are born again of the Spirit, we are set free from the chains of the natural world. What does this mean? It means we are free to exist not only in the natural but in the supernatural ways of existence, which God created. God did not only create the natural world…He created all things, which includes the supernatural, the spiritual.

We are children of the supernatural

We are so locked up in our natural thinking that anything supernatural blows our minds. Many have been so used to the training life gives us, that when God starts to do something, it feels unnatural.  YHWH seems so far out we feel the need to safeguard ourselves and keep away.  Like Indiana Jones in his search for the holy grail, we step onto an invisible path over a void and abyss.

However… hello people, this is what Jesus is…HE is your bridge over the void and abyss…God has demolished that void, so there is no need to fear it! He has ultimately bought at a great price, the key to your Holy of Holies. Jesus has bought you access to heaven, to the throne room, to the inner courts. Jesus has bought you and brought you to our Father. He has brought you unfiltered, unhinged, and unfettered to intimacy with God to experience His Divine Love, realizing that in the here and now.

Seated with our beloved in heavenly places

When Jesus died, descended, rose from the dead, ascended the work was finished. We now look ‘forward’ to our inheritance…we have that inheritance now as beloved sons and daughters of God, you are co-heirs now, He showed you the way. He is the way, the truth, and the life.

His life work was showing you your life work. What He did, through God’s strength, love, power, grace and peace … so you can do. You are as much a part of our Father as He is, He brought you thus far, He is firstborn of many, we are co-heirs, we are sons and daughters of God.

We are children of God, Spirit-led children of God who are led by God. Romans 8:14

Know your inheritance.
Believe your inheritance.
Work your inheritance.
Raise your inheritance.
Love your inheritance.
Share your inheritance.
What you speak on earth is spoken in heaven.
As you judge on earth it is judged in heaven.
What you share on earth is known in heaven.

God knows you and still loves you

Our Father knows,  sees,  feels, hears, and understands everything about you. YHWH knows you through and through, intimately, and wants you to know Him intimately too.

Hearing the Word of God, does not your spirit within you testify of what you hear? When you see the Word of God, do not your eyes burn knowing its truth? As you feel the Word of God, does this not burn in you? When you are to speak God’s word, does this not burn in you?

My Bride,

“You have to know, each and every one of you, that My Love, My healing, My power, My Peace, My Grace works through you all and binds you all together and raises you up to Me.

Believe and know with all of your hearts, minds and souls that I, Christ, came to give you Peace, Love, Healing, and Freedom. No longer is there a need for separation.

You have to know your roles, you have to help lead the lost, the rejected, the lonely, the hurting, the outcasts, the ill, back to Me.

If you do not believe in Me and My work, My power, My might, how I am jealous over you, then how are the lost ever going to know Me?

Tell them of My Divine Love for you, My redemption and healing in your lives, make me real to them, show them My reality”

Amen, thank you Jesus.

Becoming one with God

He fills you, therefore you become One with God. I in Him as He is in me. If we do not allow God’s freedom of movement within us, between us, as Emmanuel, then He is not going to have freedom of movement outwards to others. We are not going to be an effective ONE body of Christ.

We have to be completely open to that fully, no matter what, when, why, where and with who.

Things of the world that serve to distract you only get bigger because His work is bigger. We live in a time where His work needs to get bigger because mankind has allowed the dominion of the devil to get too big. They have abandoned their first love of God for the love of the world.

However, as God’s love conquers all, His love never fails, and this is what will bring equilibrium. His Divine Love through us creates this banner of Love across the globe. As we all connect in each other, each having their roles…we get that network across the world. Us connecting, as interconnected lights in the world, creating a network for His Divine Love to be a banner across the earth, never failing, always conquering. This is His canopy of love.

Heavenly Things

We cannot lose focus. You will never truly or fully be taken over by the devil that His hand cannot work or deliver. When we cease to focus on the world and only see the heavenly, the things of this world become strangely dim and our life purpose is clear.

Sometimes He draws people to do specific things where they do need to be more focused upon heavenly things than the earthly cares. It is important they know His hand does not leave them and are supported by their brethren. He is with them always, no matter what smoke screen the world throws their way, He is at their right-hand side always.

Worthy of love and attention

Assurance of our identity in Christ is all-important. Who we are, our worth, and our connection to God. Likewise, we need to realize our purpose and function in the Body of Christ, not only with God but to one another. You are very much worthy of His love, attention, and intimacy. If you were not seen as worthy, then God would not have sent Jesus to die for you. I do not buy into the only Jesus is worthy ‘speak’, because God so loved the WORLD He sent His only begotten Son to die for the world. This love for the world gives you and everyone else worth, period.

I will never leave or forsake you

The world may reject you but God loves you. God knits your body together in your mother’s womb.  Your heavenly Father knows you before you are even formed. Furthermore, though the world may not love you, God loves you as far as the east is from the west. Jesus’s Divine Love for you is boundless. The world hurts you, but God’s will is to heal you. People may hate you, but God wants to love and embrace you, drawing you close to Him.

Intimacy with God

In conclusion, have that explosion of intimacy with God, as you completely let go and let God embrace you through and through. Bringing His healing love and breath to your every part, allowing Him in all parts of you. He brings you to His banqueting table, you are worthy of this. Be unified with God in spirit. Let yourself step back and your spirit step forward, drawing you into His holy of holies. Let Jesus wrap you in the Divine love and arms of your Father. Experience the very real presence of God. YHWH is Spirit and He is Love, thus when you are filled with His Spirit you become Love. So much that as you walk this earth, others will see Emmanuel in you, without you even opening your mouth. You will emanate God and draw men to Him.

Become a servant of all

Finally, Jesus comes to serve, not to be served.  Therefore, serve God and each other.  Submit and yield yourself to God, being fully immersed in His intimacy.  Allow His Divine Love to fill you, so that in turn, you will naturally be willing to serve Him.  Let God’s love flow through you to every one by bringing Emmanuel to all you meet. Dance with the Lord in His royal dance hall and become one with Him.