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Divine Purpose

Here is a truth,

“God gives Divine Mates for His Divine Purpose so that His will may be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”

God has been pairing Divine Mates together since the beginning of time.  While there are many benefits of being a Divine Mate, it is the purpose God has in mind for both of you that is really important.  Each time God joins a man and woman together, our Father has a specific purpose and intent in mind for your union.  To the extent that we fulfill His will, we bring heaven to earth.  

Weddings, as commonly practiced, focus upon what the individuals want rather than what God desires.  Often, nuptials become all about the bride, showing her off to those who attend. People commonly say “it is your day” to the woman when, in fact, it should be the Lord’s day. Your marriage is only holy matrimony if God is the center of it. Therefore, if it is all about you, how can it possibly be all about Him?

God’s love is all in all

Intimacy, in any divinely mated couple, is incredibly intense spiritually and physically.  When you join as God desires, He blesses everything about your union; including sex.  However, as good as love-making is, that is only a side benefit of following His Spirit and not His primary purpose.  God, through you, desires to bring forth His children, which are ideally an amalgamation of both God and man.  Moreover, God wants to also manifest His nature, touching the lives of those around you.  Ministries that God accomplishes through Divine Mates have lasting effects in the lives of those they touch.

For example, Abraham and Sarah joined together as God desired.  Esther and King Ahasuerus saved the nation of Israel. Ruth and Boaz fulfilled the will of God by being the grandparents of King David.  Joseph, a righteous man, was the protector and later husband to the mother of Christ.  Aquila and Priscilla were pillars in the early church.  All these Divine Mates and many more participated in and influenced major events in God’s plan.  God created their unions, specifically matching them together for their times and seasons to carry out His will.

God has a Divine Purpose in mind for you and your mate

Therefore, it makes a great deal of difference to God whether or not you join with a mate of His choosing.  Our Father has specific things to accomplish through you and your mate, however, if you deny Him that opportunity, much of what He wants to do is left undone.

I am not saying that God will pair you with someone you aren’t attracted to or that does not have the qualities you desire. However, what I am saying is that God might call you to marry someone you feel is inappropriate or out-of-your league. If it is a potential divine mate, you will fall madly in love with them, but it will not make much sense to your natural reasoning. Most people miss their divine mates simply because their “knowledge of good” gets in the way of the leading of God.

People recognize this fact too, for there are always stories of childhood sweethearts, reuniting after a lifetime of being apart married to another.  That same connection they felt when they were young is still as powerful when they meet years later as it was then. Unfortunately, by the time they get around to doing what they felt originally to do, their lives are practically over.  The movie “The Notebook” dramatizes this point very nicely.  If you want to know about the power of Divine Mates, I encourage you to watch it.

God is the best matchmaker

Finally, trust God in your choice of spouse exclusively.  No one in heaven or earth is more qualified to pick your perfect mate than God is.  God knows the hearts of all men and women and through foreknowledge gives you the very best. 

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