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earthly marriage

“God wants us to come back to Eden”


Sometimes, we cannot see the forest for the trees. We can be so close to the situation we can’t see the whole of it. Therefore, until we stand on a mountaintop, above the trees, we cannot see the true lay of the land. Today, by God’s grace, I’m standing on such a mountaintop.

Here is a central truth,

“Very little of what we experience today is God’s original intention”

Eden was, in the beginning, a place to start from. The cradle of mankind.  However, at the very inception of an incredibly amazing future, Satan tried to kill us.  Through temptation, our future was locked up by seven great seals which could not be opened until our Redeemer came.

Therefore, we view everything in our lives through a post-Eden lens, which, by its very nature, distorts our view of God’s original intent and purpose.  We are so mired down in daily life that eternity seems out of reach.  Yet, through His Spirit, we can see with the eyes of YHWH and realize that from the beginning it was not so.

Jesus says,

“He saith unto them, Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning, it was not so.”

Matthew 19:8

God’s intention, from the beginning, was for men and women to mate forever by His divine revelation.  God gave you a woman and she was to be your Divine Mate forever. However, we live in a destroyed, barely functioning creation that God never intended.  We accept our cultures as a given because we have never known anything else.  The traditions of men are often viewed as the commandments of God, forcing many of God’s children into harsh bondage.

Teaching has become an idol

Many Christians believe that knowing the scriptures is the path to serving God.  The emphasis on teaching is so overwhelming in the normative church that it has become an idol.  Presently, our situation today is very similar to the mindset of the Pharisees of the first century.  They tithed mint and cumin, whereas we parse verses with Greek and Hebrew lexicons.

In the beginning, it was not so.  Man lived by every word that proceeded from the mouth of God at any given moment.  There were no scriptures, no church fathers, nothing except a deep and very personal relationship with our heavenly Father.  If any man lacked wisdom, he simply asked of God who gave to him liberally.  God’s word was law, not because they had to obey, but because everything within them simply trusted and accepted whatever He said.

Learning to eat of the Tree of Life again

Come Back to the Garden

In this time of transition from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil back to the tree of life, many basic assumptions are changing.  For example, the doctrine of marriage, encrusted with centuries of tradition is dissolving before our very eyes.  What God reveals in its place is His original intent and purpose for men and women to be mated through revelation.

Furthermore, the constraints that we take for granted, because of the doctrine of marriage, no longer apply to Spirit-led Christians.  Just as the Jews were liberated from the law, men and women are being freed from the bondage of holy matrimony too.

Here is a truth,

“There is no earthly marriage, only Divine Mates”

Adultery and fornication only have relevance to people who are under the law of earthly marriage.  However, in the beginning, it was not so because at that time everyone was led by His Spirit and only did as God decreed.  Therefore, you did not mate unless God joined you.  The law of love, which in reality is just God’s nature, prevailed.

What is taking place right now is that the Body of Christ is beginning to move into the Final Feast.  The Tabernacle Experience, which is oneness with God, is causing us to live now like we will live in the world to come.  Therefore, since we are Spirit-led in the New Creation, we become Spirit-led here.  Since there is no marriage in heaven, our earthly commitments are superseded by the greater and more permanent experience of Divine Mates.

It actually doesn’t work both ways

You can be a Divine Mate and have an earthly marriage, however, having an earthly marriage does not automatically make you a divine mate.  Unless your relationship is authored by YHWH, you merely have an earthly agreement.  Just as the Holy Spirit fulfills the Law through walking in the Spirit, Divine Mates fulfill the true intent of marriage through Divine Union with God and each other.

Church tradition, through millenia of natural minded thinking, lost sight of what God originally designed sexual union to be.  The labyrinth of doctrine men made choked out any real understanding of what God desires between lovers.  Clergy serve and seek to preserve the monstrosity of holy matrimony at all costs rather than facilitating the real reason God created us male and female.  The truth is, if you opposed Divine Mates, you oppose God Himself.

That which God does not create, He does not honor

The reason that God doesn’t respect earthly marriage boundaries is that He never created them in the first place. This is why, in the New Heavens and New earth, earthly marriage is doesn’t exist.  In the end, God only restores what He created in the beginning.  Everything that man makes passes away while only that which God creates endures.

In God’s eyes, unless you are with a Divine Mate of His choosing, your earthly marriage is null and void.  The truth is, Divine Mates take precedence over earthly marriage because, in God’s eyes, those marriages don’t even exist.

If you have a Divine Mate, God really doesn’t care very much what form your earthly marriage takes.  In fact, God doesn’t care if you are married at all.  To Him, the traditions of your society make little difference so long as you let Him choose your mate.  This is why we find both monogamists and polygamists in the scriptures.  As long as the wife or wives you marry are Divine Mates, the number really doesn’t matter to YHWH.

In the beginning, it was not so

In conclusion, if God is leading you to be with someone, married or unmarried, know that His will supersedes anything man decrees.  God is sovereign and He simply does His pleasure.  The only reason that what our Father does shocks us is because we do not know the scriptures nor the power of God.  That is when we must trust and obey, knowing that the Lord of the whole earth will do right. 

Back to The Garden by Jonathan Dunn