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How The Holy Spirit Increases Our Efficiency

There is a big switch coming for God’s people. It is a change in the fundamental way we do things. Presently, when we feel called to accomplish a certain task in God, we make a plan. Though we may be prompted by His Spirit, the way that we carry things out is often natural minded. While this is a tried and true method, Jesus is about to show us a better way.

Right now, contrary to what it seems like to many, there is no actual lack in the Body of Christ. We have all the money, all the resources, and all the people we could possibly need to do God’s will. However, what is lacking is God’s Divine Love that is necessary to grant us access to these riches.

There is a flood of resources coming

Therefore, in the move of Tabernacles, God is releasing these resources to us through activating His Love in each of us.

There are three main areas that our Lord is about to change:

  1. Obedience to His voice
  2. Proximity to the part of the Body you fit with
  3. Spiritual connection with specific members of that Body

The truth is, that if your Christian life is lackluster, more than likely you are deficient in one or more of these areas.

The fundamental reason that many people do not feel the presence of God is that they are simply not where God wants them to be. Where we live, for most, is almost exclusively a choice of what seems right to us. We base where to live on convenience, employment, family, friends, climate, amenities and a host of other criteria relative to what we want. Rarely, if ever, do we allow God to place us where He wants us to be.

Leaving comfort for the high desert

For example, I used to live in downtown Seattle in a very nice apartment, close to everything that area offered, for only 90 dollars per month. I enjoyed a fully paid health club membership to one of the best fitness centers in the city. Yet, God spoke to my heart and goaded me to give up that place and move to a small town in rural America. Whereas it was comfortable and convenient to live in Seattle, I wasn’t where God wanted me to be.

Looking back on things, everything that has happened in my life since then, is a direct result of moving to where I am now.

Listen, hear, and obey on time

Secondly, even if we are where God desires, often we do not listen to or obey His voice. Being in the correct location sets you up for success in God, but you still have to do what He wants where you are.

When I was moving to Round Town, God spoke to my heart to accompany a missionary to Africa. Indeed, my house was closing while I was standing in the bush near Lake Victoria. While it didn’t make much sense to be in Africa in the natural, when very important things were happening at home, it was God’s will. Thus, everything was taken care of in the states while I was experiencing God in Africa. Much of my life since is predicated on that decision to follow God’s voice and be where He wanted me to be.

Allow God to connect you

Thirdly, and this is perhaps the icing on the cake, is that you must allow God to connect you with specific people. Spiritual connection in the Body of Christ is the final ingredient that is missing in many believers’ lives. You may be where God wants you to be, you may be hearing His voice, but if you are not connected to the part or parts of His Body that He desires, you will not be able to live to your full potential in Him.

When I was in Africa, God connected me to a certain prophet. I did not understand what or who they really were at the time, I just know my spirit just about jumped out of my body when I saw them. By faith I allowed God to connect us, even though it made absolutely no sense to my natural mind. Stepping out in faith, I did what the Spirit said, when the Spirit said to do it, and the rest is history. This history, full of mighty miracles, was made possible by three things:

  1. I was where God wanted me to to be
  2. As I listened to and did what He wanted me to do, when He wanted me to do it.
  3. I allowed Him to connect me with the person He desired.

Orchestrated by God

In the near future, this is how we will live our lives. We will go where God wants us to go, listen to His voice while we are there, and be connected to the people He desires. This will unlock the full potential of the “called out ones.” What is bound up in fear and natural minded thinking now, will be liberated through love and obedience for the work of the ministry.

Here is an illustration of efficiencies of the Spirit:

A man, living in Spain, feels called to help in a move of God’s Spirit, but is frustrated at the lack of response in his area. God speaks to him and says, “Go to Boston in the USA.” Ferdinand obeys, hops on a jet to Boston and upon arriving at the airport, a woman walks up to him and asks, “Are you Ferdinand?”

He replies, “Yes, who are you?”

She answers, “I am Nancy. God told me to meet you here today at the airport. Come with me, we have much to do.”

Stunned, the young man obeys, feeling in His Spirit that she is for real and he should go with her.

Arriving at God’s place

They drive to the countryside, to a small farm. There, many people are gathered in tents and trailers. Upon greeting them, they all have stories similar to Ferdinand’s, being called supernaturally to Boston, not really knowing why. Later that night, after a sumptuous dinner, they all gather around a campfire. The music is heavenly and the fellowship of His Spirit is beautiful.

Finally, a older man stands and welcomes everyone, saying,

“Thank you for coming, I know for many the sacrifice was great and the trip long. I know it is the Holy Spirit who has drawn you here and we welcome you. Our Lord has spoken that He desires to do a great work of His Spirit here and each one of you has been dawn to this place. I do not know you personally, but I feel your spirits. Each of you possess the unique talents needed for His will to be done. I do not have much to say, but I am thankful that you have answered His call. All I can tell you now is, goodnight, and we begin to tomorrow.”

One heart and one soul

Everyone talks excitedly with people they feel drawn to deep into the night. They wake up early, refreshed and expectant. After breakfast, they meet again and a certain group of men decides to build accommodations both for themselves and people they know will be coming. Another person, a retired businessman, says that he has sold his properties and will provide the funds to do so. A five star Michelin chef volunteers to run the cafeteria. A group of young ladies says they will be happy to clean and help cook. A retired accountant volunteers to keep the books. An evangelist asks if he can start preaching Christ in the local community and search for the lost. A prophet stands, blessing all those who came and speaks of the great move of the Spirit about to be poured out on the state.

Hand picked for the work of God

Indeed, the Spirit is so heavy upon this group, that people from all over just begin showing up. Each person, as if hand picked by the Holy Spirit, has a talent, a gift, or a vocation that is sorely needed. Before long, they are holding meetings where hundreds attend, basking in the presence of the almighty. Persecution comes, but the message rolls out and rolls on, for nothing can stop the hunger and thirst for God.

The point is, no one had to do very much but listen, hear, and obey God’s voice on time. They were willing to come to where the Holy Spirit led them, now knowing exactly why. They coalesced into groups, connected by His Spirit, which performed necessary functions in the movement.

Catch the vision

This is the vision. It is the efficiency of the Holy Spirit and this is what is coming to each of us, very, very soon. Amen.

Like A Flood by Molly Skaggs