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Here is a truth;

In Elysia, we are not Defenders of the Faith, we are Explorers of the Faith

This means that we want to understand more of God, to know Him better. While many feel as though they must hole up in a high castle, fighting off infidels who seek to defile their doctrine, we are highly mobile, seeking out new truths of the Holy Spirit each and every day.

We believe that the truth of God never changes, but are also assured that our understanding of it deepens and expands with time. We know in our heart and minds that Jesus is our One True God. Baptism by immersion is not debatable either, but if you can’t find a deep enough pond or bathtub, any amount will do.

We seek a present word of God

For those who follow after Christ, living by His present word each and every day is enough. We highly esteem the written word of God, but we also value what He says to us each and every day. While the word of God lets us know how God dealt with other people of our faith, nothing can replace personal experience with our Lord as our primary teacher.

I am a revelator. I take what God gives to me and I share it with you. In essence we all want to find God, but many don’t know where to look. I point you to where God is, but you go there yourself and personally experience Him.

Gold is easier to find if you know where to look

All people want to find gold. However, until they know where to look, they can walk right over it year after year. Once they know where it is, though, they can dig it up themselves.

In Elysia, we want to be explorers of the faith. We seek new horizons in God, daring to go where His Spirit leads, seeing and doing things which others have never been done before. Being open to new experiences, we are not afraid of them, for we know our Great Shepherd will lead and guides us expertly into all truth.

We do not fear what others believe

Likewise, we are not afraid of what others believe. Perhaps someone believes something opposite of what we do. Though we are open to consider what they say, if we do not hear our Father’s voice speaking through them, we pay little attention. We are sure in what we know, because it is what we have personally experienced. Another’s theory does not trump what we know by experience to be true.

Knowing God personally is better than knowing about God from a secondary source. One hour with God personally is better than four years at a theological seminary. Doctrine is simply what others think about God, which may be purely theory and not personal experience. Those who have not been with God should not be believed as much as those who have.

Become explorers of the faith with me

In conclusion, let’s all journey over to the far horizon in God. Let’s us all experience first hand what our Father is doing in this generation. Why not be the ones that others write stories about, doing mighty exploits in our faith? Become true explorers of the faith with me and let’s see what God has in store for all those who dare to believe. True explorers of the faith, dare to be touched by The Son of God! Amen.

Touched By The Sun by Carly Simon