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prophets of love

What The World Needs Now Is Love

There is a love greater than all other loves. It is greater than the attraction between a man and a woman, between mothers and their children, greater than all the holy men and women of the world put together. This move of His Spirit is true love from above, the love that gave Jesus the strength to sacrifice his life for the sins of the world. It is the very nature of God.

When the scriptures ask us to love unconditionally, it is this love that is speaks of. This love does not originate from within us, but is given to us from God Himself. It is the manifestation of His nature through us. This Divine Love never fails.

We are all prophets of love

Tabernacle Christians are prophets of love. We are foretelling a great move of God’s Holy Spirit, which is characterized by love. It is a Niagara of intimacy, a love led by only His Spirit. What earthly people view as love is only a feeble representation of something so great, so wonderful, that without God’s revelation we cannot begin to comprehend it.

Like all prophets, we declare this wonderful event before it happens. We see a future in which everyone has their love needs met, whatever they may be. This love from above unlocks all the riches of the Body of Christ, in every area, for the use of our Father in the building of His kingdom.

We declare a tidal wave of God’s love

Whereas the world operates from a scarcity of love, Tabernacle saints act from a standpoint of having so much love we freely give it away to anyone in need. We declare that God is love, and we are the manifestation of His Spirit of love. While the world fights, we are peacemakers. We bless those who curse us. We have so much love, we cannot help but bear all things, believe all things, hope all things. God’s love in us never fails.

We are heralds of a move of God so powerful, so Divine in nature, that it brings the coming Antichrist government to a screeching halt. All that evil men and women plan to bring upon this world is brought to naught through the love of God shed abroad in the hearts of men. People literally will not do the evil to others because of love, sweet love.

This is a sure word of prophecy

This is sure word of prophecy. It is about to come to pass in our generation and we will see Emanuel with us once again. Amen

What The World Needs Now by Jackie DeShannon