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being spirit led

Jesus is the way maker

Many times we struggle with problem areas that seem intractable. The more we try to solve them ourselves, the more discouraged we become. This is why it is important to allow God to take control and just follow His Spirit. What we cannot seem to fix, He has a way to take care of that we could not see coming.

It’s Someone we yield to

Being Spirit led is not something we do, but someone we yield to. We just say yes and trust that He knows best. Yes, we have to do certain things, but the steps are often manageable if we just focus on the next one.

Testimonies are great, because you see how God worked in another’s life to bring about a positive result. However, each of us must find our own path in God and though He may work in a similar way in your life, that is not always the case. Trust God to speak to you specifically and just do what He says to do, when He says to do it. Allow Him to guide you in a unique way that is tailor made for you.

Be encouraged by her example of being spirit led

Be encouraged today, God is saying that He has a way forward that you don’t see. Trust Him and listen to His voice, He won’t steer you wrong!

Big hugs and lots of love,


I look To You by Selah