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The God Of Passion

God created us male and female so that He could love us through each other and, in the midst of that divine union, receive our love too. If we come back into God’s image and likeness, when we are intimate, God is in us.  This is the mystery of the church.

Yielding ourselves to each other during intimacy, is much more than simply feeling good.  Love making is primarily a spiritual act.  If you notice, God does not speak about morality for animals and this is because they lack eternal spirits.  What God’s creatures do has no significance beyond this present world.  Moreover, unlike humans, God does not have to be present in animals when they act like animals.

God is intimately involved in everything we do

Contrary to popular belief, God is not aloof or remote.  In fact, our Lord is very present and deeply concerned about everything you do.  However,  while most only want God when it suits them or to act as a Santa Claus, your Father is mostly concerned with your salvation.

Moreover,  God is also intimately involved with every aspect of procreation.  From conception to birth, from choosing your mate and making love, YHWH and His angels are present. Each and every child born on this world has the potential to live forever.  Every person is possibly as important as Abraham who fathered nations.  You bet God is concerned with that big time.

Let the God of passion express Himself

God made passion to express Himself through us to each other.  Conversely, we express our love to God passionately to Him through one another.  The church has got it all wrong, our Lord isn’t in the rafters of our buildings, but standing right next to us during worship service.

Carnal minded people assume that loving God passionately through each other inevitably leads to inappropriate behavior.  However, they misjudge and underestimate Divine Love.  This “Holy” Spirit simply does not want to sin and neither do you if you are yielding to Him.  It is just that God’s idea of what is pure and holy is often times far different from our own puritanical views.

Let the God who created passion love passionately through you.

We are in the time of the Bride of Christ and this naturally means passion.  The Song of Solomon, which speaks of our time, is intimate.  The God of passion wrote plainly about His desire for love through us.  Let us allow our passion for Him to lead and guide us in everything we do.

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