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A child of the Most High

I have known about this story for some time, but now I think she is telling more of the truth of the matter. I suspect much more remains to her story. Most likely because she is pretty sure no one would believe her.

Akaine is an example of what God desired from the beginning in the Garden of Eden. From her mother’s womb, the child was destined to be one with God. Fought by the devil and persecuted for the place she was born to occupy in God’s kingdom, protected from on high. Yet for all the extraordinary giftings and experiences she has, Akaine is only a shadow of what the true children God will be.

The extraordinary world to come

The children of the new Heavens and earth all possess extraordinary gifts, for they are born of His Holy Spirit. Conceived by Spirit led, glorified Divine Mates, children like Akaine are the norm, not the exception.

What Akaine paints is revealed to her in heaven and then she tries her best to recreate it on earth. Like all prophets, she goes and actually sees, first hand, the persons and things her paintings depict.

Seeing the truth

We have no need that any man teach us. The only knowledge we need to live is direct revelation from our Father above. Moreover, all we have to do is to allow His Spirit to open our eyes to what’s already there  We don’t need any knowledge from the forbidden fruit, good or evil. Just listen, hear, and obey on time whatever God says every hour of every day. Jesus still lives every moment by the Spirit and he is the pattern we follow. The extraordinary thing about following the Spirit is that, in him, everything that God promises is ours for the asking!

Destiny by Twila Paris