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face to face

Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is, There Is Liberty!

Emma ponders in her heart. . .

My spirit swells within me, as I sense a closing of the physical space between us.  Looking out the airplane window I see the ground approaching quickly. It’s here! Finally, the time is here when Michael and I will meet face to face. 

Worry and doubt trouble my mind as I wonder if his anticipation will turn to disappointment after meeting the “real me”.  I’m convinced my spirit knows his, though, and I’m sure there will be no disappointment on my end.  To talk to him face to face, see his mannerisms…touch him and be in his physical presence – experiencing up close what this is that God is doing between us – I wonder how will my spiri respond to this?  Though unsure, I’m desperate to find out. 

Face to face

My heart beats faster as I disembark the plane and walk toward the airport entrance.  Will I even really recognize him?  No, I’m sure my spirit will know, it is already as if a powerful magnetic force is pulling me to his physical presence.  But still, will I be sure when I see him?

Pondering this, my anxiety rises, and I glance through the glass wall.  My heart stops.  Did my spirit actually leap into my chest and stop my heart?   Suddenly realizing that my feet and everything in me have stopped as well, my eys meet his eyes for the first time.  I have to apologize to the people walking behind me, who are forced to pause in the narrow hallway until I move again.  I round the corner and there he is– he is really there, smiling at me with obvious delight.  My spirit propels me into his arms, where I hold him tightly and say over and over, “Oh my goodness, oh my goodness – it’s you! Oh my goodness!”  He chuckles softly and says so gently, “I love you!”

Fine dining, Holy Spirit style

An hour later, as I sit across the table from him at dinner, my head is spinning.  The voice I hear from him is the same I have heard, but never face to face. Watching his eyes, his hand motions as he talks, my spirit confirms this is Michael. Driving in the evending as we talk, we’re marveling at the work God is doing in us and between us.  The night seems bright, as if the moon and stars rejoice, keeping the atmosphere around us lit. 

Even the couch and the beautifully decorated room are flawlessly done, made just for this perfect moment.  Looking into his eyes, touching his hand as we talk, there is a supernatural power between us; a bond, a knowing, a fulfillment, a rightness that we both sense and have never before known. 

Finding each other

My spirit takes my mind back…back to the 14-year-old Emma…looking in Michael’s eyes I see and know the friend, companion, and future lover. I behold my Divine Mate who came to me regularly in visions and dreams, in supernatural meetings beyond my imagination.  He is real – he has been real all along – and God has brought us together! 

We recounted our lives, clearly seeing how God kept us aware of each other over the decades. My low points reflecting Michael’s low points as I felt his darkest crises.  I cry as he tells me of the Spirit of God sending him, when he was only mere miles away from me, to drive and drive one day in search of me.  And I realize from the dates that it was exactly when I was in despair and needed him most.  My spirit had been crying out for him – and his spirit heard me, and the Spirit of God who had connected us was drawing us irresistibly together. 

And the angels rejoice

How the demonic forces have raged in an attempt to prevent this reunion.  But God’s power and intention prevailed, and now he is here, and I am here, and the emptiness and longing in our souls is filled:  We are face to face.


Emma and I wrote the anatomy series so that the truth could be known. The amazing thing to us is that, when others don’t like the truth, they make up alternate facts to fit the narrative they want. At least now, those who care to can weigh both sides of this extraordinary tale.

For many, what we have experienced has to be wrong in order for them to be right. However, we don’t view what God is doing between us as a zero-sum game at all. In our hearts, we just want to conform to YHWH’s will. Fact is, if Pharaoh would have just let God’s people go, He wouldn’t have made such a point of them leaving. However, the more the Egyptian ruler opposed God, the more destruction rained down upon his kingdom.

Who hath heard such a thing? Who hath seen such things?

The truth is, our connection is a “sign” to everyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear. What was originally supposed to be a yoke of wood became a yoke of iron to demonstrate the consequences of opposing YHWH. God desires to bring Tabernacles forth and He is making a point of all this to underscore that no one can gainsay or resist His will.

Finally, Tabernacles is coming to our nation and His Divine Love will manifest. The clergy may try to prevent what God is doing, but just like Pharaoh, they will fail miserably. In the end, the clergy will let God’s people go. YHWH will have exactly what He desired from the very beginning: A people free to serve Him as He desires. Amen.

Face To Face by Mat Kearney

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