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feeling deeply

Dare To Feel Deeply

We are made for the spiritual realm and that is why, saved or unsaved, we are drawn to it. Being an empath, I have always felt things keenly in the Spirit even before I was saved. My spirit also reacts to others when they are happy or sad, at peace or angry. My spiritual connection is even more sensitive than I and basically hid in the proverbial shadows until God connected us.

When we feel too deeply

Mostly, the emotions I feel are too strong and I have tended to avoid contact with people because of it. However, what I am seeing now is that God gives such sensitivity for a reason. I need to get my eyes off myself and start allowing God to do with me as He wishes for other people’s benefit. Our sensitivity is given so we can know what others are going through and it is part of discerning the body of Christ. Moreover, it is a sign to those who are lost when you know how to help them by His Spirit.

To feel deeply is human

For example, today I was talking with a Muslim friend who unexpectedly went in for surgery last week. She seemed ok, but I felt in my spirit that she wanted to talk about something. I shared that God was leading me to be more open with people and share exactly what is on my heart. I mentioned that to be vulnerable makes us human.

When you open it gives others a chance to share

After that, she opened up and told me that when she was under anesthesia she went to a place full of white rooms and felt like she was flying. She was very scared until she felt the presence of God ( Allah) and peace flooded her heart and mind. I felt it was actually Jesus, because she did not see who it was, but didn’t feel to say anything at that time.

My spiritual connection has experienced tremendous healing through God’s love. As I have opened up and allowed God to flow just as He desires, she’s experienced forgiveness towards her grandfather whom she cut off 20 years ago. Today, for the first time ever, her daughter saw her grandfather. As they sat together, taking their first picture together, her daughter reached to put her little arm around him.

The ripple effect of Divine Love

God does all these things and many more through us when we dare to feel deeply as He desires. The Tabernacle Experience, which is God’s love manifested through us, ripples through the lives of the people we touch.

For many, embracing being an empath, which for us just means feeling others emotions, is a challenge. However, consider that God counts you worthy to bare others burdens and help them cope. It is a gift, it just needs to be fully realized the way that God desires. Dare to use your gifting for God’s glory and as you set others free the joy and peace you feel will more than compensate.

True Love by Blanca