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The Wonder Of God In Us

As I spoke with Esther the other day, she remarked,

“I like being connected to you because I don’t have to wonder where God is anymore.”

It is a fundamental truth of Spiritual Connections that they are “God with us”.  Many people pray all the time wondering where God is, however, when you have a Spiritual Connection, you always know where God is.

Finding God in us

God in us must be experienced to be fully realized.  In most charismatic churches people raise their hands to the church ceiling during worship.  This is because many believe that God is somewhere up above them.  However, since the day of Pentecost, God has indwelt those who ask for the gift of His Holy Spirit.  Now, the Spirit of God, which is Holy, is in each one of us.  Therefore, we don’t have to wonder where God is any longer, we simply reach across the aisle connecting with Him in our brethren.

God manifest in the flesh is a very easy thing if we allow it to be.  Loving each other, to the degree that His Spirit leads, is the most natural thing in the world.  Divine Love is instinctive because we are acting and reacting in this world as we do in the next.  In the New Heavens and New Earth everyone is completely free to do and be as God wants.  To the pure all things are pure, therefore we need not worry about sin when we walk in the Spirit. Allow God free rein to do whatever, whenever and with whomever He likes.

Let go and let God be who He is

Sometimes we need to be held or kissed, but this is not all the time.  Sometimes just being together, as God leads, is enough.  Connecting is a “free” flow of His Spirit between brethren without natural minded structure.  In fact, until God directs, you don’t know what will happen, how it will happen, when or with whom.  Spirit led people live in the moment and don’t plan anything.

You don’t have to judge what God does

What the Spirit does, we don’t have to wonder about.  If the Holy Spirit wants to do it, we do not need to fear it.  God does not give us a spirit of fear and when you obey His Spirit, peace naturally follows.  The will of God is the definition of proper no matter what it looks like in the natural.

God always meets the real need of the person He wishes to touch without regard for earthly sensibilities.  If you allow our Father to love others through you, He does so unreservedly.  There are no boundaries except what His Spirit sets at the time He flows through you.  When you walk in the Spirit, you do not think, judge, or question, what God does; you simply do it.

God With Us by Terrian