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Front Page News

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

(If you find yourself wondering what we are talking about that makes us so excited, we are giddy about what took place during episode 6: The Rescue. The Rescue is so amazing and profound that it’s beyond what most can imagine. However, we do not feel to release it yet. At a later date, if it seems appropriate, we hope to publish it so that our Father may receive all the glory, honor, and praise He deserves.)

What God is doing in His people is FRONT PAGE NEWS.  The depth and breadth of God’s love manifested through each of us to each other is breath taking.  It is literally like having your own personal Jesus flowing through a member of His Body to you.  When that happens, all the bells and whistles that you have read about in the scriptures, start to light up and come to life in you.

Esther says,

“Wow, this is like, “read all about it! Newspapers what’s hot off the press!  But, it’s what’s hot off the revelations on the altar instead…not like God ain’t constantly communicating with us all the time.  We just gotta learn and focus on the “be still” bit….really ya know the listen hear and obey.

God’s newspaper rag is what we should call it or the New Jerusalem Times…be cool to do with a name.”

Pulling down the alters of Baal


“This is where my spirit is.  I am reminded of Gideon.  He hauled off and pulled down the alter of Baal. It was totally unexpected, totally radical, and most likely would have got him killed if God had not been leading him.  To add insult to injury, he cut down the grove of Astaroth just for good measure.  I feel like this is where all these experiences are heading.  Something we write or say is  going to set off some chain reaction like what Gideon did. Then its on!  Its time! Let’s do this thing!”

Michelangelo paints the truth


“Michelangelo was a radical in his time just before reformation. Yet, at the time, the Pope wouldn’t even pay him for his work on the back wall.  He knew that full reconciliation back to God meant being naked.  I don’t think Michelangelo meant it just in the literal sense but that imagery symbolizes everything else falling off when we come to God.”

“I just wanna do things when prompted.  Just moving when and how God wants, really.  I wanna do that while  enjoying it at same time.”

We will testify of love!

The more that Esther and I just let God be God, the deeper we seem to go into each other and into Him.  To the natural mind saying these sorts of things seems crazy, however, we are talking about heavenly experiences that are difficult to describe in earthly terms.  What we are doing, or feeling led to do, is to record what God does in and through our connection as an example for others.  Our Father is so big that no two snow flakes are alike. Likewise, what Jesus does through you will be individual too. However, just to give a glimpse of what is possible in the Spirit, and to comfort those who find themselves traveling a similar road, we are setting sign posts along the way.

Passing like spiritual ships in the night


“You know, we met two years before this.  I saw some of  your writings online. I introduced myself but then you were gone.”


“Wow, did not know we disconnected for two years!  I remember I was so discouraged at that time I just went off line for a while. Who knew you were so close!  I guess that should be a lesson to me that when things look so dark you can be very close to what God has for you.”

“I can see how the freedom to speak freely whatever God says to you is really liberating you.  Seems that nothing Jesus does fazes you.  I think you are actually braver in the spirit than I am.  Seems that our connection has given you a true openness to God and me. It is just wonderful.”

“When you “muse” as you put it, it’s so pure and from the heart. When you just let God be raw and real, it really ministers to me a lot and is giving me a perspective of how powerful God’s love is between us.”

This is Front Page News!

“That feeling of wholeness when we connect and even when we are apart. I never feel like I am apart from you and even right now you are in me. It is just a knowledge or a knowing. I feels so right, so comfortable. Like your favorite chair.”

“This is front page news, who knew that God coming through us could be like this! I really love you very much. I trust you. The union of God and Esther is simply lovely.  It feels like the deep end of the pool where you can’t touch bottom; like limitless depth,  but so unafraid of that boundlessness too. It is like I have known you always and will know you always.”

“You usually say, yes I met this person at a particular time or date. With you, though, it feels nothing like that.  Our relationship is not bound by time or space.  When you speak, I feel like we are sitting on the banks of one of the rivers in Eden.  You are very close and speaking softly to me. Everything is peace.”

When it comes to God, earthly words fail us

“I guess, when talking about this stuff, I just run out of words to describe it adequately. The other thing about our connection is that it is comfortable.  We love being together while doing things in the Spirit.  It’s like being kids again.  I’m just excited to see what the new day holds for both of us. It’s just complete freedom to be what we are. An open field before after being kept in a small room for years….yeah…”

“I can’t help but testify about what God is doing! You are a gift from God and I love you for it. God is good, His words are real. We are on a journey together and I’m lovin’ it!”

I Will Testify To Love by Wynonna Judd