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fulcrums of history

“Give God A Divine Mate, And He Will Move The World”

Divine Mates are the fulcrums of history. Matched pairs, joined by the Holy Spirit, are the very essence of YHWH’s grand design. Therefore, because Divine Mates are God’s will, He works through them at important points in our history.

The original Divine Mates were, of course, Adam and Eve. Perfect in beauty, Eve shone forth a vision of femininity that the world has never seen since. The perfect Divine Mate, the first woman was made to be the mother of all living. Eve lived out her purpose through being a helpmate to Adam. Through both of them, God purposed to fill the worlds with His children born from their Divine Union.

God designed Divine Mates to be the fulcrums of history because they most perfectly conform to His image and likeness. The order of this universe naturally responds to those who are one as He and His Seraphim are one. This pattern of heavenly Divine Union, not earthly marriage contracts, is the will of our Father in heaven.

God flows through the Divine Unions He inspires.

Our Creator chose to begin the human race with a man and a woman. Not only that, YHWH commanded them to “go forth, be fruitful and multiply”. God made Eve specifically to nurture Adam’s seed. God purposed to bring forth the whole human race through a Divinely joined couple.

There is immense authority and power vested in such Divine Unions. Made according to His image, Adam and Eve procreated in God’s image and likeness too. Christ, who was the last Adam, demonstrates the perfect union of God and man just like the children of Eden were meant to be. In essence, had sin not entered into the world, the earth and every habitable planet in the universe would eventually be filled with God’s kind.

Just as Divine Mates have great authority to do the will of God, they also have a great responsibility to become what God desires. So much depends on Divine Mates, that if they make a mistake, they can literally alter the course of history. Eve’s one decision to listen to Lucifer doomed the entire antediluvian world to destruction. Once mankind left off living by revelation, their natural minds led the human race to near total extinction.

It had to be Sarah

Sarah had to marry Abraham and had to bring forth Isaac. God painted a picture with their Divine Union that was so important, if anyone interfered with them they risked death.

The natural man might wonder, “why was it so important that Abraham procreate with Sarah?” Wasn’t Abraham’s seed the way the promised one would be born? Would not any good woman do? No, not even remotely, for when Abraham did deviate from God’s plan with Sarah, it brought about a terrible schism in God’s plan which had to be rectified with terrible sacrifice. It is worth noting, that Abraham did not want to put Hagar away, but at the insistence of Sarah, felt compelled to do so. No man wants to see his woman and son leave him, yet even God told Abraham to divorce his second wife in order to correct his mistake.

Every Divine Union is extremely important to God

As the fulcrums of history, much rests upon Divine unions, even the fate of whole nations. Due to Haman’s evil plot, the whole nation of Israel risked annihilation. Esther being queen to King Ahasuerus absolutely had to happen for the plot to be exposed.

Esther was a nobody, but as a Divine Mate she became one of the fulcrums of history upon which the fate of her entire people turned. Had Esther not been at the place God foreordained her to be, the history of Israel might have ended right then and there.

Mary, the mother of Jesus

Mary is the greatest Divine Mate of all for she is literally God’s consort. The mother of God’s Son, the virgin is blessed among women and is the ultimate Divine Mate here on earth. Like Sarah, the mother of Jesus was one of those fulcrums of history that God used to change our world.

It wasn’t an easy task to be God’s Divine Mate. Mary risked all by carrying God’s child contrary to man’s concept of holy matrimony. According to the law, adulterers and fornicators must be stoned by their peers. Being with child without being “married” in the eyes of the Jewish community was a very shameful thing. Moreover, even her intended, Joseph, assumed she was unfaithful and purposed to send her away secretly. God gave Joseph a dream, saying that Mary was with His child, to prevent that.

Special note: YHWH did not honor the tradition of marriage

I ask you, if marriage is such a sacred thing, why did God violate every premise of it? According to man’s traditions, which many assume are scripture, Mary was a fornicator and her child a bastard. However, contrary to man’s doctrine, God chose His Divine Mate as if her betrothal to Joseph didn’t even exist. Moreover, God told Joseph to be the outward, acceptable father, of His only begotten son.

The history of the world turned on the faith of a young woman. Her faithfulness to love and care for Jesus was essential to his early life. Without Mary believing God, Jesus as we know Him, could not have been born. The virgin Mary is certainly one of the fulcrums of history.

Behind every great man stands a great woman

Thomas Jefferson was one of the greatest men in history. As a founding father of the United States, he was the principal author of the declaration of independence. Jefferson served as the third president of the United States from 1801 to 1809 and was second vice president under President Quincy Adams.

Thomas penned these immortal words,

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Sally Hemmings

At the age of 44, Thomas Jefferson began a relationship with Sally Hemmings. Sally, a woman of mixed race, was approximately 14 to 16 years old. Most historians agree that Jefferson sired 5 children through her, 4 of which reached adulthood. At 58, Thomas Jefferson became the third President of the United States having been with a black woman for over 14 years. Oddly enough, the most powerful man in America shared his bed with a slave.

Jefferson understood, in an era of enslavement, through a Divine Mate, what it meant to be owned by another. One wonders how many decisions for our nation were based upon the counsel and perspectives of a woman of color. While most in America thought of black Americans as property, Jefferson loved a beautiful bi-racial woman as an equal. This was God’s plan and had a major influence on America’s development through a chosen Divine Mate.

The Bride of Christ Is God’s fulcrum of eternity

As you read this essay, know you are called to be God’s Divine mate. As the Bride of Christ, it is your destiny to be one with the Lamb of God. The consequences are so far reaching, so vital in importance, that our natural minds cannot comprehend it. Every person is critical to YHWH’s plan both on earth and in eternity.

As Divine Mates, your generations are literally the children of the Most High. In the world to come, as you bring forth after God’s kind, your children are as the stars of heaven. This is why abortion is such a heinous crime, it potentially wipes out billions in God’s new creation.

Allow God to join you to a Divine Mate and become one of the fulcrums of history

In conclusion, teach young people what Divine Mates are and why God wants to give them one. The things that churches teach and preach to young adults are not what God has in mind. Most pre-marriage counseling is a farce, only intended to reinforce the church’s views of holy matrimony. The Clergy doesn’t usually approve of Divine Mates, for they are often very contrary to their natural minded viewpoints. In Jefferson’s day, no church in America would have wedded him to Sally Hemmings, yet they shaped a nation.

Finally, God only blesses what He authors. Moreover, if you’re joined to a Divine Mate, God doesn’t care what form your earthly contract takes or even that you have one. What’s most important to God is that you join with the mate of His choice at the time of His choosing. Amen.