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make love


In this essay, I write about a topic that is considered taboo in Christianity.  If frank discussions of intimacy bother you, please do not continue reading.

All women were created to make love to Jesus (YHWH saves). It is a fundamental fact that believing women, truth be told, very often picture themselves in the arms of their Savior. Some picture non-sexual intimacy, but a surprising number picture themselves making love to their Lord.

Oddly enough, it is perfectly ok for a woman to love God intimately because that is what they were created for: to be a divine mate for Him. From the very beginning, God desired Adam and Eve to make Him the focal point of their sexual relationship. The union of God and man (male and female) is meant, if consummated according to His will, to produce the literal children of God.

God in us

This is where a great deal of the Christian church misses the mark, for they exclude intimate physical expression towards God from their belief system. Spiritual intimacy is ok, but it has to be devoid of physical expression. That is the exact opposite of what YHWH wants.

Do not exclude physical intimacy from worship

God made a woman’s womb as a type and shadow of the Holy of Holies. Her anatomy depicts the temple in Jerusalem, complete with inner and outer gates and the most holy place. When a woman climaxes, it is a result of God’s Shekinah glory manifesting in her secret places as she receives her lover. In fact, without God’s presence at the moment of conception, an eternal soul and spirit cannot be created. This is why women the world over praise God in their moment of ecstasy.

There needs to be a dramatic shift in the way Christians view intimacy and God. Rather than separating divine and natural intimacy in a vain attempt to be pure, we should allow His Spirit to merge with us as we merge with each other.

God always means to have some level of intimacy through believers He leads. It is a sliding scale from casual to very intimate. However, what determines the level of intimacy you express along this scale is His Spirit. Only express intimacy with someone when God specifically leads you to do so. Moreover, follow the law of love, which never does harm or acts selfishly towards another individual. A kiss can only be holy if God instigates it; otherwise, it is simply a kiss. One is motivated by absolute purity, while the other can have all kinds of intentions behind it, some pure, some impure.

God shows us intimacy through each other

The truth is, until you meet God in another human being, you cannot know the fullness of Christ. We are created in His image and likeness precisely because God wants to express Himself physically through us to each other. Girls just want to make love to “YHWH Saves” precisely because their womanhood is created to be filled by God manifest in their lovers flesh.

I in you and you in me

God designed sex for Divine Mates so that He can unite with His creation. Instead of God being far from us during sex, He desires to be completely one with us as we engage in it. Therefore, invite Him into your love-making, speaking in other tongues and praising His name as you flow together.

Likewise, guys just wanna make love to the bride of Christ. God ordains men’s desire to fill a woman and bring her to orgasm. God in us wants to join with the daughters of Eve through us. This is the very reason for creation, and if you yield your body, soul, and spirit to God in this way, He is pleased indeed.

Open your secret places to God as He leads

In conclusion, this is the revelation of the mystery of the church in our generation. We are, collectively speaking, the Bride of Christ. As a Bride we long for the day we can welcome our lover into our bodies and give ourselves completely over to Him. While, most of the time, we just hug and kiss other members of his body, there are those special occasions we open up our secret places with joy and thanksgiving to our Lord. Amen.

Faith Will Do by Julia Westlin

The revelation that Julia demonstrates is not just her performance, but what she represents. Julia is earthly picture of a heavenly reality. Seraphim are the Divine Consorts of God and this is what this song, her voice, and her beauty show us. This is why she moves us so profoundly.

Audio Commentary On “Girls Just Want To Make Love To Jesus”.