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God said,

“And I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven, and will give unto thy seed all these countries; and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed;”

Genesis 26:4

(What I am about to talk about today I would rate M for Mature.  If frank discussions of God and sexuality offend you, I recommend that you do not read this essay.)

Much of the scripture serve dual purposes.  That is to say, many things in the Bible speak about natural events or concepts which also speak to eternal truths and events at the same time.  For instance, Jesus said you must be “Born Again” to enter into the kingdom of heaven.  Nicodemus stumbled at Christ’s words wondering, “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born?”.  However,  here Jesus uses a natural event to speak of greater spiritual truth.

Being born again actually refers to being  “born again” into the New Heavens and New Earth.  This rebirth happens during our resurrected or, if we are alive and remain, our catching up to God and to His throne.  We are all born once by the will of our flesh into this world and we are born a second time by the will of God’s Spirit in to the world to come.  Literally everything God creates in the natural world speaks of eternal truths.

Becoming one flesh with God

Likewise, the two becoming one flesh was not just referring to men and women having babies. Being one flesh is essentially a prophecy about God and man becoming one.  Jesus is the first-born of this creation, i.e. the new creation God makes. God intends to have children as numerous as the stars of heaven.  Members of the bride of Christ are forerunners of that.  We are to mate with each other and God, bringing forth His children for eternity. That is why our bodies react as they do when we speak of revelation.  Your not just getting ready to make love to each other, but to both God and man together.

Divine love is intimate

Many people object to the sensual component of the sign of Tabernacles, which is Divine Love.  To them the thought of people mating with each other and God is sacrilegious.  They would prefer that people keep such sensual feelings within the bounds of marriage.  To them, being intimate with one another, even if led by the Holy Spirit, is sin.

However, being with God is a sensuous affair from the get go.  We feel the burden of sin lift off our us when we submit to His salvation.  The Holy Spirit enters us and we feel freedom as we speak in other tongues.  The love of God floods us as we become one with Him.  It is the most natural thing in the world for our bodies as well as our souls and spirit to react when we are near Him.

God desires to bring forth children after His kind

In true Spirit lead unions, men and women mate, not only with each other, but with God Himself.  During intimate union the two become one flesh.  In the natural realm men and women unite and procreate children.  In the spiritual realm both merge with God to bring forth an eternal soul and spirit.  On the grander scale God unites with man and brings forth after His kind, which is to say, in His image and likeness.  This image and likeness is Jesus Christ, the pattern son, first-born of many brethren.

The Bride is intended for her bridegroom.  Every woman desires to unite with her man at some point in their relationship.  It is natural, it is good, it is holy.  It is little wonder that the Bride of Christ should desire her heavenly Bridegroom in the same manner.  If the natural is good and holy, how much more that is the spiritual which the natural points too?  If people want to have sex and join with one another on earth, how much more will they want to be intimate and join with God in heaven?

The Devil causes us to fear intimacy

We have been induced by the Devil to view intimacy with each other as sin.  Even in marriage, where we are supposedly free to express our sensuality, many people struggle, thinking such intimacy is base and disgusting.  People talk about having an intimate relationship with God, yet when you mention actually mating with Him, they become disturbed at the thought.  Why is this so?

To most, spiritual intimacy with God is a-sexual.  They only wish to allow their spirit and soul to interact with Him because they view their bodies as inherently sinful.  However, when you meet God, your bodies react too.  Consider the manifestation of the Toronto blessing for instance.  Shaking, roaring and many more reactions take place under God’s anointing.  One woman I spoke with actually told me she made love with Jesus.  Is that not a perfect representation of the Bride of Christ?

It is our time of love

The point I am making is that we are coming into a time of love.  Think it not strange that during our time of love we have feelings towards our lover.  The way that God, who is Spirit, makes love to us is through one another.  This is what many Spiritual Connections are all about.  Such Divine unions are meant for God to make love, bringing forth children after His kind.  Though not all Spiritual Connections end up in procreation, many do if the people involved allow God to take their relationship to its spiritual conclusions. Along that spectrum of love God does many different things and loves people in the ways they need to experience Him.

In reality, if you are Spirit led, you can’t do inappropriate things with each other.  To the natural man, talking about such intimacy causes them to fear the possible outcome of such Divine Sensuality.  However, when you walk in the Spirit you simply do not fulfill the lusts of your lower nature.  The lines God’s Spirit draws are stronger and more sure than any law man tries to enforce.  Agape love simply does no harm.

Enjoy your time with God

In conclusion, The way of God with His Bride is as sensual as it is marvelous.  We naturally submit to His advances because we deeply desire His love.  We want to be possessed by Him and taken to the heights of heaven.  The fulfillment of the Feast of  Tabernacles is an intimate and sensuous event because it is oneness with our God.  Those who fear intimacy because they associate it with sin are in danger of missing the time of their visitation.

Finally, do not fear God’s Spirit.  You can trust your heavenly Lover to do right by you.  Open up and allow Him to be intimate with you to any degree He desires.  Become the Bride of God He created you to be, having His children.  Become one with your God and each other without reserve. In short, go forth and multiply as the stars of heaven. 

Everytime We Touch by Cascada