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raw and uncensored

Revelation Is Way Better Than Any Apple

Today, sit down with me as I tell you a story. It is about the first time Adam and Eve made love.

In Eden, there were no restraints of any kind, because there didn’t need to be. Everything was perfect, everything was permissible, and God was the center of all of it.

It didn’t take long for them to figure out love

After Adam saw Eve, it didn’t take long for them to find out about sex, in fact they both instinctively recognized they were Divine Mates. What followed, was perfect, flawless sex. As they say, “the earth moved”. A coupling so great and powerful that their oneness with God and each other is literally the basis of the whole human race. Holy consummation as fresh, clean, and pure as the water which flowed from God’s mountain in the sides of the north.

However, and this is an important point, this was raw sex that knew no boundaries. Sometimes tender, sometimes forceful, Adam took his wife perfectly as she gave herself to him freely.

God raw and uncensored means a whole lotta of love

The need for a whole lotta love never, ever left the human race. No matter what Lucifer has done to degrade and debase intimacy, the desire to give ourselves to each other fully, hasn’t dissipated one iota. In fact, it is such a deep need that, when we mate, we still desire it.

The truth is, what the song below depicts is not wrong, it’s just misplaced. The reason it’s famous is that it’s basically the truth, just sullied by the Devil. What it is trying to portray is that the best sex is enjoyed by sinners. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is, the first love of Eden, without shame or sin, far surpasses any sexuality this fallen world has to offer.

You don’t have to sin to be sexy

Lucifer successfully lies to the church and convinces them that such raw intimacy is sinful. The enemy of our souls has made us feel that a sanitized, watered down version of love making is the proper Christian standard. Moreover, church leaders accept this because of the appearance of propriety, while beneath that thin veneer of righteousness all manner of lust thrives.

God is not telling us to do evil in order to love as we desire. God is saying that His Holy Intimacy is far more sexy that anything on this earth. You don’t have to sin to experience your wildest desires, you just have to be Spirit led and allow God to manifest Himself in and through you during love making.

Yes, this song depicts sinners bragging about being sexy. However, when you step back and include innocence in this song, the truth Is In Plain Sight

It is time for Christians to take back what the Devil stole. God’s Spirit, raw and uncensored is incredibly sensual. Intimacy, including wild, passionate love making is not the devil’s domain – it is our Christian right. The problem is, many people who feel drawn to sexual abandon believe their is no room for them in church. Therefore, they hate the thought of religion because they love the feeling of raw and uncensored sex.

In a way, many believers act a little like nuns and priests. There is the subtle and sometimes overt notion that holiness is sexlessness. For most Christians, purity is just a sliding scale of celibacy. At the extreme end of the spectrum you find cloistered nuns. Most saints live somewhere in between what they really want and the monastery.

When you involve God in intimacy, it is a beautiful thing

God made sex beautiful and passionate, putting no restrictions on it whatsoever between Divine Mates. Don’t allow yourself to fail to know God because you believe you will never have amazing sex. What lucifer tells you is a lie, Holy Eroticism is for people with an intimate relationship with God Himself.

In conclusion, we live in an age of overt, weaponized sexuality. This generation is subjected to every kind of perversion imaginable. We are taught by the media that sex is synonymous with sin. In order to reach these people, we cannot judge them because they are simply being honest with their deep need for passion. Allow God, raw and uncensored, to touch and show true, Divine Love without sin and shame. Amen.

Connection Love Is The First Love Of Eden Restored