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Was The Human Race Given A Time Out By God?

God faced a decision: punish Adam for his sin or show mercy to the human race. It was a pitiful situation to be sure, because Adam literally threw himself before YHWH and begged for the life of his woman. Knowing full well how much Adam loved Eve, it melted God’s heart that His son was willing to sacrifice himself to save his Divine Mate.

Obviously, though, the whole situation was severely compromised. Creation, now tainted by the sin of fallen Lucifer, became unsuitable for God’s plan. Yet, instead of doing what Satan hoped for, God chose another, more difficult path. YHWH, whose mercies endure forever, decided to save man from their sin.

Thus was born the plan of salvation

Though Luci believed that she had backed YHWH into a corner, our Father decided to postpone man’s judgement until a savior could be born. Instead of slaying Adam and Eve, God performed the first lamb sacrifice and clothed His children. Yes there were consequences, but all was not lost.

This surprised and greatly angered the dragon of Eden. She was sure that God would be forced to kill His newest creation. Else, if He would not, God could not righteously condemn her for being imperfect either. However, YHWH chose a route she did not expect, sparing His children and foretelling her doom in the process.

God is going not only for salvation, but ultimately for reconciliation

Salvation from hell, though the main event in this creation, is not the main event in the world to come. We are being saved from the destruction of this creation so that we can be with him where He is. God wants us to be saved so that we can complete His original plan.

The original plan, or as much as God has revealed to me, was for the human race to unite with YHWH and bring forth after His kind. In essence, our Lord created us to have His children. Literally, YHWH predestined this creation to be filled with the children of God. Thus, the original plan for Eden was to be a starting place for the human race to expand forever among the stars. The plan was for YHWH to be loved and worshiped by an infinite number of believers, forever.

Without Holy Consummation, there can be no marriage of the Lamb

As with any marriage, consummation is the focal point of the union. In God’s case, Holy Consummation is the point of all He created. Therefore, God not only wants to save us from our sin, but He also wants intimacy with His redeemed.

The way YHWH is intimate with His creation is by loving us through each another. The act of marriage is created to be the union of God and man. Our Lord demonstrated this, in the most intimate way possible, as He overshadowed Mary, impregnating her with His seed.

God covered Mary with His love

The result of God covering His handmaiden was Jesus. Jesus lived a perfect life and in so doing rectified what Adam failed to. Thus the son of God was counted worthy to take the little book from the hand of His father and read the names of those who should be saved. Christ was born of intimacy to clearly demonstrate what God desires from us.

God procreates though us as we yield to His Spirit. When we are fully united with Him and each other, the children born of our union are God manifest in the flesh. This was and still is the purpose of mankind. In these last days, the Bride of Christ takes Her position as the Lamb’s wife, fulfilling this destiny in Him.

The reconciliation of the church

This is the mystery of the church and this is why God redeems us from our sin. Though Lucifer sought to rob God of His Bride, YHWH chose to save her through His son Jesus Christ. Through 7000 years of hardship, our Lover regains the Seraph Luci sought to destroy.

In conclusion, the natural man cannot know, much less understand, the things of God’s Spirit. In fact, much what I have just revealed seems like foolishness to “reasonable” people. However, for those God predestines to reconciliation, this makes perfect sense. I invite you to know the deep things of God so that you can, for eternity, rule and reign with Jesus at YHWH’s side. Amen.

This is really a song about mankind wanting reconciliation with God.

Unbreak My Heart, Cover by Darin Zanyar