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Christians! Are You Ready To Move Like A Starling?

The unity of the Spirit that God is like a flock of Starlings. Though we cannot tell why Starlings move as they do, we see the beauty in their unity. It’s amazing to see hundreds of thousands of individual birds move as if they are one.

The Tabernacle Blessing brings unity to the Body of Christ. Like Starlings, we move as one, as if led by an unseen hand that molds us into one body. YHWH provides, through direct connection to each individual member, organization to His Body. As each of us moves in unison to His Spirit, we all move in unison with each other.

Just say yes to God’s Spirit

When the Holy Spirit moves in you, just say yes to His Spirit moving through you. Like a starling, don’t think about how to move, just flow with Him. Become one with your brothers and sisters, through His love, and unite with them in God’s flock.

True unity, the kind that the book of Acts speaks about, results from a shared spiritual experience. One hear and one mind results from a common experience of one God. Unity cannot be imposed by a few who study scripture, but rather spontaineously happens to the many who experience the same revelation. While rules dominate man-made order, love compels willing submission in God’s kingdom.

We are meant to move like starlings

Having all things in common seemed like a good idea when no one wanted to leave church. Those who had excess sold earthly possessions and gave them for the work of the ministry. It was a heartfelt and God-breathed giving that naturally occurred without anyone suggesting it.

There is no lack in the Body of Christ. All the resources necessary to fund everyone and everything is already present within the church. It is just our lack of love which keeps us hoarding our “stuff”. However, when we love as God loves we automatically trust Him in each other. Therefore, if we have two coats, we give one to someone in need. Furthermore, we share what we have, knowing that God will provide for us through another.

Jesus says,

” And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. “

Matthew 19:29

One body of believers owns everything. Literally billions of dollars of wealth, abilities, and possessions resides in the Body of Christ. When we become starlings and move as one in Him, we don’t feel like we own anything and therefore have everything.

Let me state, for the record, I am not talking about a kind of modified Marxist communism. Communism, in all its many and varied earthly forms, never works. Due to human nature, all forms of government eventually serve the few on the backs of the many. However, when we give control of our lives and everything within them to God, through His Holy Spirit, we give freely to each other’s needs because we truly love them.

God made us to move like starlings

In conclusion, the unity of the Spirit is something that is inherent in human nature. We are made to all be filled with His Love and act in accordance to it. The only thing that is hindering us now is the church’s teaching that almost all forms of intimacy are sinful or, at least, conducive to sin. As long as we allow the clergy to keep us from loving one another as God leads, we cannot and will not receive the fullness of His gospel.