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love at first sight

God’s Love at first sight

Have you ever heard the phrase “love at first sight“? Most often it is followed by the question “do you believe in it?” While some do and some don’t, most would like to experience it.  Generally, people think of this love as the most pure and passionate expression of attraction known to man.  People speak of God’s love at first sight as “destiny” or “meant to be” or “foreordained” which is, oddly enough, pretty close to the truth.  This type of love encompasses your physical body as well as your heart, mind and soul.  It is total love.

God connects us through divine love for His own purposes

I believe this type of love is sometimes (if not all the time) God’s love and is meant to bring men and women together for His divine purposes.  God knows the future and thus knows the outcome of  relationships.  YHWH guides mankind for the purpose of saving as many as will accept His son Jesus Christ.  One of the ways He does this is through “God’s love at first sight” which is a taste of the first love of the Garden of Eden. God’s love instantly connects two people through deep spiritual attraction that is above and beyond this natural world. It is as if you have known this person all your life and feel instantly comfortable with them.  Some part, that you didn’t even know was missing, suddenly feels complete.

Your choice of mate is very important to God

People may experience God’s love at first sight even if they are married.  If this happens does it mean that it is not of God?  Not necessarily.  Some people marry other people, not through the will of God, but by their own choice.  Remember, God tells us not to put asunder what He puts together.  Therefore, what if God does not put us together in the first place?  Obviously, our Father does not have to honor what we do if we choose our mate outside His will. For example, God Almighty did not honor Abraham’s choice of Sarah’s handmaiden because it was not His choice.  In fact, Hagar and Ishmael had to go for Abraham to return to God’s path.

Sometimes it is a long way back

I am talking the exception rather than the rule here but it does happen.  Sometimes, if you want to do God’s will in the present you must correct the choices you have made in the past.  If we have left the path that God chose for us a long time ago sometimes these corrections can be rather drastic.  If you experience “God’s love at first sight” you should carefully consider what is going on and ask God what is the meaning of it.  Do not automatically assume that you are just lusting after another man or woman.

Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh

Are you screaming in your mind and imagining all sorts of abuses that might occur if you accept this type of thinking?  Maybe it is time for us to grow up spiritually and accept the truth for what it really is. Legalism has not saved us, judging by the Christian divorce rate. Perhaps it is now time to deal with things from God’s perspective. 

Canticle Of The Bride by John Michael Talbot