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Perfect Symphony

A Perfect Symphony

Eternal truths and the things of this life that reflect them, connect in a deep and meaningful way with everyone.   Ed Sheeran’s song “Perfect Symphony ” sung with Andrea Bocelli, is an example of this .  Everyone instinctively understands this type of love they sing about and applauds it.

The truth is, God made us for such Divine Love.  However,  most people do not understand that this “love at first sight” is the first love of Eden.  Moreover,  that this is the love relationship God seeks between Himself and His Bride.


Eternal truths in earthly pictures


Most of the time, when artists really hit it big, it is because they touch upon one of these eternal truths; good or evil.  This is why a lot of popular music is overtly demonic in nature.  To the extent some “artists” mimic the chief musician (Lucifer), they connect with people caught in her snare.

On the other hand, a song like “Perfect Symphony”, which accurately portrays God’s love towards us, viscerally connects with the good in people.  In fact,  Ed Sheeran’s song is an almost perfect representation of Christ and his Bride.


God’s Perfect Symphony


In conclusion,  what is popular shows us what touches people.  While there is a lot of darkness within the human race, still Lucifer has not managed to eradicate all that was once good.

I am convinced that all truth is given by revelation and that all error is a product of eating of the forbidden fruit.  I pray that God open us up to receive the things of His Spirit by revelation so that we too may see the beauty in Him.