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golden city

We Will Meet In The Golden City

We, mankind, are a Seraph in the making.   The war in Heaven is essentially a conflict began through the rebellion and subsequent fall of YHWH’s chief Seraph.  Lucifer, the preeminent Seraph of YHWH, took issue with her husband’s plans for Adam and Eve.  Instead of being the covering Cherub that God desired, the sum of all wisdom became instead the accuser of the brethren.  She even tried to murder the fledgling human race by tempting Eve to sin.

The reason that many don’t see the struggle in heaven for what it is, stems from our natural minds resistance to revelation.  The church teaches us that knowledge will help us be Christ-like.  However, eating any part of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil brings death. Learning scripture through our natural minds harms us while living by revelation brings forth life.  Jesus always lived by revelation.  Whatever God Spoke, Christ did.  This is why Jesus and the Pharisees never saw eye to eye.

We are the greater Esther

Esther is a picture or “type” of mankind and YHWH.  Ahasuerus is a shadow of the heavens Great King.  Vashti depicts the haughtiness and consequences of a disobedient Seraph.  Moreover, the lesson of Vashti’s demise mirrors Lucifer’s fall.  I’ve been wondering lately, “why is this truth so obscured to Christians in our time?”  Why doesn’t the book of Esther impact us the way it should?

Moreover in scripture, powerful men with great positions of authority often had many wives.  Abraham, Jacob, Gideon, David, Solomon all had more than one wife, yet, we despise this practice as a cultural error God winked at.  However, Abraham is the father of our faith,  David was a man after God’s own heart, and Solomon was filled with wisdom from above.  Perhaps the truth is, the plural marriages of the patriarchs are one of the greatest pictures of God and His Seraphim in the entire Bible.

A fundamental truth if you will see it

God calls us the Bride of Christ because we are a Seraph and female to YHWH’s male.  John the revelator says we are the Lamb’s wife because our Lord wishes to procreate with us.  A whole book of the Bible is dedicated to a romance between a virgin and a noble king illustrating what God desires.  Yet, many do not recognize that mankind is destined to be the Queen of the Most High, Lucifer’s replacement.

Furthermore, many Christians avoid the obvious conclusion that our Creator made us to bring forth after His kind.  Great romance on earth yields profound intimacy. People who mate hope to become one flesh through their children.  Therefore, is it that difficult to imagine that God made us for His pleasure and to bear His offspring?

Here is a truism,

“People who are sensitive to the Spirit are oftentimes highly sexual”

In other words, because God is sensuous, when we open up to Him we feel His nature.  Hence, people who love God tend to be highly sexed simply because they are in tune with the Holy Spirit.  This presents a problem though because the church teaches that sensuality and God don’t mix.  In fact, the leadership of the church does everything in its power to keep men and women tightly controlled to avoid the appearance of evil.  Yet in doing this, the clergy actually frustrates the union of God and man.

On one hand, the closer you get to God the more aroused you become, yet on the other hand, the feeling of intimacy is unlawful to express in church.  Moreover, the people God wants to show affection to is not restricted to your spouse.  According to many people’s belief, if God wants to kiss or hold the sister or brother next to you, it must be the Devil tempting you!

Many believers have it all backward.  Preventing intimacy, the way YHWH intended it to be, actually helps the Devil.  Satan hates God being intimate with His people through each other.  Fallen Lucifer uses misguided people to prevent the very unions God longs for with and through His people.

Single women in the church

Women, who feel drawn to a brother in the Lord, often can’t show affection because they fear it will look bad.  Single women, within the church, are often viewed as threats by married women.  Though these women have no real suitors in the pews, they are expected to maintain their chaste behavior without complaint or falling to temptation indefinitely.

Married men, good men of God, sometimes have a heart for such women.  I remember the niece of a pastor in a big, wealthy church.  She was in her early thirties and still single.  Faithfully, every Sunday, she came to church and helped in various ministries during the week.

Stepping up by kneeling down

One day, a brother confided in me that he wanted to marry her.  He said, “she needs a husband and I feel like God wants me step up”.  I replied, “well, that is noble of you Bro, except for one thing, you are already married!”  With a straight face he told me he had already discussed it with his wife and she was on board with the idea.

Now, this man was a mature, stable, spiritual, fairly well-to-do guy.  He had a great family and his wife was a sweetheart.  His children were well-behaved and his large house kept in good order.  In short, everything that a woman in her thirties could want, he possessed in spades.  My friends approach was simple:  tell the pastors niece that He felt God wanted her to be his wife and ask for her hand in marriage.  I must admit I was impressed by his faith.

Following in the footsteps of David

As with all lead balloons, his proposal never got off the ground.  The pastor’s niece immediately went to her uncle with the “shocking” report.  In short order, my friend was hauled before the leadership and browbeat into submission.  Eventually, he retreated to “I was never sure it was God’s voice in the first place”.  From then on, even though the leadership “allowed him to stay” he bore the mark of Cain.

Curiously enough, later on, this same brother fell into sexual temptation.  My friend felt destroyed by his indiscretion too.  Judging by the detrimental effects that sinning had on his spiritual life, I thought to myself, “this guy should have went forward with his original plan even if it had to be with another woman”.

Those who are led by His Spirit

The golden city, New Jerusalem, is a place of light, liberty, love and happiness.  Everything that is done there is done by the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Even love-making between men and women is a result of God’s will, for He is all in all.

We, through the indwelling of that Spirit, taste of our lives in the New Heavens and New Earth.  Thus, we begin to live now as we shall live then.  We are neither married or given in marriage in the world to come, therefore in this world, our relationships conform to that heavenly standard also.

Living by the law of love

The reason why it was not wrong for that brother to ask for the hand of the pastor’s niece in marriage was that the Holy Spirit led him to do so.   In the world to come, had they been there, that is exactly what would have happened.  They would have joined, with the blessings of his first wife,  had children and literally lived happily ever after.  Here, in this creation, his offer was an act of love and obedience.  My friend was the Divine Love of God expressed to meet the need of an unmarried sister.  She was to be his divine mate and I wish my friend would have stuck to His guns and persuaded her.

Sin in this world really clouds our vision.  God’s ways are simply not our ways, His thoughts not our thoughts, therefore think it not odd when He does differently than our natural minds expect.  Until and unless we leave our own reason we will never see the golden city. 

Golden City