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great adventure

God’s Divine Love Is For Everyone

Michael, 30 years before meeting Esther, experienced spiritual connections.  During the intervening time, Michael experienced many wonderful things in God but never delved back into those types of experiences in full. Partly out of hurt, partly out of mistrust of the church, Michael shied away from such experiences. That is until he met Esther.

Closer than a brother

Esther initially found Michael on the net posting some of his writings here and there. Identifying with the things Michael spoke, she took the step to say hi. Immediately, God began to form a spiritual bond between them which gradually grew stronger as His Holy Spirit united them.  While Michael had the benefit of knowing that a spiritual union was forming, Esther walked totally by faith.  Soon, a full-blown spiritual connection formed and both began to benefit from following the Holy Spirit together.

The Connection Chronicles

These chronicles follow Michael’s and Esther’s great adventure in God. Starting from their shared experience of visiting the temple of heaven, We will attempt to document how God is working between us, in us, and through us.  We hope that by sharing how God flows through a spiritual connection it will help others who are entering into the Tabernacle Blessing and experiencing God’s love.

Saddle up your horses! Let’s go on a great adventure!

God is about to connect the Body of Christ in ways never imagined before. Jesus desires to love each one of us through others who share His heart, mind, and Spirit. Moreover, God shows His nature in us by manifesting His glory to the world. Spiritual connections unite the Body of Christ through God’s Divine Love.

In conclusion, I hope that our great adventure will provide some encouragement, solace, and hope to those who explore this undiscovered country of spiritual connections.

God bless,


The Great Adventure by Steven Curtis Chapman