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Great Dip



There Is A Canyon In Eternity


There is a grand canyon running through eternity, we call it our cosmos.  God never meant for there to be a chasm in forever, but mankind set off a cataclysmic event when Eve ate the forbidden fruit.  Sin set off a series of calamities that eroded God’s original intent, thus carving out a deep rift in an otherwise perfect plane of existence.

The Great Dip is the valley of death.  From where we stand everything appears “normal”.  Time, to us, has always been.  The heavens appear as lofty peaks of perfection we can never scale.  However, the truth is, heaven is simply where we left off.  Heaven is also, in the restoration of all things, where we shall begin again.


What we lack is perspective in the Great Dip


This place of sin, the Great Dip, is too vast for natural minded people to comprehend.  All we see are rocks and dirt while the big picture eludes us.  Unless the Holy Spirit gives us His perspective on the Great Dip we cannot understand where we are in relation to where God is.

It is this lack of perspective that blinds us to the truth.  Having eyes we do not truly see and having ears we do not truly hear.  Only when we allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us into all truth do we rise above our circumstance, seeing the gospel.

Light always has a source.  Spiritual light, the kind that brings wisdom, has a source too: God.  Without God’s wisdom we cannot understand nor can we comprehend where we are or even what we are.  As I travel along, allowing His Holy Spirit to lead and guide me, my concept of who He is expands.  As He allows me to see things as He sees things everything begins to make sense. Selah.