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handwriting on the wall

My Love Shall Set Them Free

The Bride of Christ is yearning to be held by her Beloved. Yet, throughout her life, Lucifer has conspired to keep her and her one true love from being together. Straying from the path that God foreordained, she drifted further and further from the mark of her high calling. Building a life from choices made by and for her, she languished in a dungeon of unfulfilled dreams.

For many, who are called to be God’s wife, this type of desperation is their reality. Though they desire to serve and be with Him, from where they are it seems impossible to do so. Yet, still their hearts feel the call of their Bridegroom and they hope against hope.

Love stands before us

The truth is, God is about to visit us in a mighty way. Everything people declare impossible, or we’ve dared not hope for, is right around the corner. God manifest in the flesh, in the form of another human being, is about to personally rock our world.

Moreover, when it comes to trusting God in another, it is a big leap of faith. Many times it feels like we’re stepping out of a sinking ship just to place our feet on the raging waves. The only person who gives us the confidence to risk the inevitable for the impossible is the person of Jesus Christ.

The handwriting on the wall is all about Emmanuel

Spiritual connections are God manifest in our flesh. God flows through another’s eyes, speaks through their lips, and touches us through their heartfelt embrace. In short, a spiritual connection is our own personal Jesus sent from above to love us.

There comes a point in every person’s life where we must simply choose to believe. There’s no earthly rhyme or reason to it, we just open up our hearts to God’s calling. This type of abandon is actually the whole point of creation. Coming back to the Garden is, quite literally, a return to the first love of Eden.

The handwriting on the wall

In our generation, God’s handwriting is on the wall. True love beckons us to reach out to one another as His Spirit leads. God dwelling in us, reconciles the world to Himself one person at a time. He saves us through personal contact with Him through members of His Body.

There are clergy who feel securely in control of God’s people. Some act haughty even while profaning the vessels of the Lord. They feel as though they possess some divine right to do as they please with God’s vineyard. However, the handwriting is on the wall and this time God is saying “My Love Will Set Them Free“. When God’s love fills His people, their kingdom will fall and no one will regard them anymore.

The unified Body Of Christ

In conclusion, God’s handwriting on the wall declares that He loves us. YHWH’s message declares He meets our needs and desires through His people. Let those who read this, run with it. Amen.

This is how many in the Bride Of Christ are feeling right now

The Writings On The Wall by Amanda Cole cover by Sam Smith