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Sometimes our circumstances in life are very difficult. It seems that everything piles up and falls on us all at once, making us believe that everything and everyone is against us. When this happens, we can fail in our commitment to Christian ideals and behave in a less than Christ-like fashion.

At those times, no matter what we have declared we are, we find that our strength is small. We are not all that we thought were were, would be, or even should be. We have fallen flat, and our face is on the pavement.

Here is a truth,

God is not surprised

Here is another truth,

God does not judge your failure harshly

Our world is a tough place, and there are many pressures on us. Though our heart is to do good and be strong, sometimes that is just not humanly possible. We “talk” a good game, stating this and that about how we believe and will act in a time of adversity, but when the time comes to demonstrate our faith, we fail.

The truth is, though, that without God we are all failures. No one is strong enough to face the devil alone and win. Any time we do the impossible, it is God being strong in us and not our frail human nature winning the day.

It’s just part of the dance

Yes, triumph is the preferred outcome to any struggle. However, if you do stumble, just know it’s part of the dance. Be kind to yourself and have mercy for yourself, because God already does. Jesus Christ died so that you might live in spite of your mistakes, and the one you just made is simply another one already covered by God’s grace.

Though you may have found that your strength is small, don’t worry about it. Get up, dust yourself off, and thank your Father for being merciful. Allow His strength to be your strength and simply go on and do better through Him.



Pick Yourself Up by Ella Fitzgerald