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the heart of the Bride

A Little Bit Of Heaven

I believe that there are many who have the heart of the Bride. However, at present, not many are speaking out about the deeply intimate relationship they have with Jesus.

I have been actually shocked, when I started listening to Christian artists, how many are singing about intimacy. Moreover, some of the most popular individuals and artists sing about loving God in ways that, in any other context, would make you blush.

God created us for intimacy

However, and this is the point of everything that is going on, intimacy was the reason for creation and as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. I believe this is why people, the world over, are beginning to speak out about loving Jesus in deeply personal ways.

It is our hope at Tabernacles Central, that when others begin to experience Divine Love through the Body of Christ, that they will find comfort, encouragement, and clarity here. Those who have the heart of the Bride are going to face a lot of challenges as they enter into God’s inner chamber. Just know that you are on the right track and others have gone before you.

I invite you listen to the video below and marvel at the heart of the Bride.

Bride Of Christ Spousal Relationship: Jesus As My Groom

Un Lugar Celestial by Jaci Velasquez