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Do we over protect our hearts?

Proverbs says we should protect our heart, but have we  over applied this precept to our lives? Life can be unkind and this existence is not all rosy, lovey-dovey stuff. We are constantly bombarded by the enemy, even more so when switched on with God, to drag us down, keep us down, keep us underfoot, even trying to bring our demise before our full liberation.

Is prison really the safest place to be?

Heart protection can be a open or closed prison door. It is right that we protect our heart, but not from everyone and everything, but by discernment from the enemy, even in others. Not everyone is sent from God into your lives, the devil too can send people to you to try send you off course.

Being a ship on an open seas, you can come across many others out there, not all are on a God journey, not all are on a simple journey. Some are pirates sent to steal and destroy those treasures you have picked up over the course of time. Do not let the pirates steal your joy, your peace, your treasures, your love. Do not let go of it, these are the treasures to guard within your hearts.

How far should we go to protect ourselves?

God does connect you up with ‘safe people’ or connections, or brothers and sisters, whom you know deep down really are good people whom will keep your confidences. However, no matter how much you trust or believe in those people as being good people, we have become that accustomed to self preservation and protection, that it is difficult to even remove those walls from them too. How far do we allow someone in?

God is Love and God is Spirit, and we are to be filled with His Love and Spirit.

I often write this, but what is it exactly, the ramifications of this?

Well it means we are Emmanuel to those we come across, we are to be Emmanuel to those who are around us, who God has put across our path.

You are to love, trust and open yourselves up fully to these people. You know who they are because your spirit is drawn to them like bugs to a light.

God’s Spirit in you, is always trying to reconnect to His Spirit in others, to join together the Body of Christ. Like when you prophecy over dry bones, the sinew and bones come together, the skin is formed, the body is created…so the same is when the Body of Christ comes together and is knitted.

What God builds has solid foundations and never fails or falls, which includes His body, His new Jerusalem.

By letting others in we also open up to God

We have got to be strong enough to let God in, to let the rest all go out. If you want true liberation, true freedom, true intimacy then you have to take courage and be brave, this is the spirit that God has given you.

God is telling me that for His children to be truly free, to truly be free and spirit led, they need to let it all go, let it all out. The effects of this world has put a barrier between man and Him…the hurts, the pains, the breaks, the joy. Only then His Spirit will truly be able to flow unrestricted among the Body of Christ here on earth.

His Spirit cleanses. We can do all things through Him who strengthens us.

What is a church without His Spirit and direction?

What is a direction, a sermon, a preacher’s revelation with the Spirit? and what is it without the Spirit?

It is a club. One serves God, one serves man. One draws and reconciles man to God, the other draws and reconciles man to man alone.

Church is simple for me…God is Spirit and God is Love and we are to be filled with His Spirit and Love. When we are, and we let go of our inhibitions to let God do that, even through each other, then we are in a place and atmosphere to really hear, feel and move in and with God.

One more song please

For me, I feel frustrated when church stops the music after 3 or 4 songs. It is like worship grabs my spirit from here and takes me and places me right with God. This is where God speaks with me, teaches me, loves me and we have intimacy and oneness in spirit, relationship. Then they stop it after 3 or 4 songs and it feels like they are wrenching my spirit away from God and in a spiritual way can be painful, disorientating, confusing and surprising.

For me they should literally just do music. Then if people have a word in the congregation, let them bring it, if people pray for each other let them, if God raises people let them, if He has them out in the spirit let it happen!

Let the Spirit flow!

If someone has a lesson placed on them, let them bring it, a place where all roles become one, as in … the normal roles become irrelevant other than brothers and sisters meeting together. It seems this kind of thing to me would be the norm as spirit led children of God, and yet for this to happen a church has to put it on as an ‘event’!

It is odd, I just think even spirit led churches are still quite controlled by man. Still need the neat and orderly way of life, when as already spoke about in a video blog, Gods fruits and ways can be messy!

So the church comes into this as: they too like to protect their ‘hearts’ to death too. Their hearts being their ways, their structures, their rules, doctrines and so on.

The Spirit lifts you up above it all

Life can be unkind and all learn to protect ourselves, but Gods Spirit of Love takes you above that in ways that almost has you forget about your worries, and places you in a time and place where nothing matters but the peace, unity and love you are in. This place that God’s Love and Spirit takes you, is where we all meet each other in spirit at times.

God’s Love and Spirit in each other, is constantly trying  to reunite with itself in us.  , Hence the stronger bonds of love become between believers, the more God loves connects. Distance becomes irrelevant.  Someone at the other side of the world can feel that you are right in the room with them. The reality is that you are in them and they are in you! This phenomenon is a side effect of being attached to God’s Spirit in you and tuned into that. He takes you along, where He goes you go. This is translation.

Liberate your spirit!

I believe we can all translate and probably all do, we just see at differing levels. This is because we are open and more liberated at different levels. Like a roller coaster, some people do it with their eyes closed and some do it with their eyes opened. When open you get and see more than when your eyes are closed.

The less you protect yourself, the more open and spirit led you can be. Also, the more you feel and know when someone’s spirit is around you. The more you recognize when you have traveled in such a way. This is how God works within His body and with His Spirit. Spirit transcends all time, distance and space. Once you stop holding your spirit down with physical realities, the sky is literally not even your limit!

This leads me onto prophecy and it’s effects…which will be in a different blog.

When The Sun Comes Down by R.I.O