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heavenly love

What Is Heavenly Love?

How do you define heavenly love?  What is it like?  How does it express itself through us here on earth?  These are some of the questions people have when they begin to experience heavenly love flowing through them to others.

God is love

When I talk about heavenly love I am speaking about the nature of God, who is love, expressed through us.  God is limitless, therefore His love shown through us is limitless too. Consequently, we must expand our concepts of what God will do through His love to match His infinite nature.  When we love as He loves we express ourselves in any way God deems appropriate at the time.  The only limiter of how far we go is God Himself.

Love without limits

Connection love is agape without boundaries.  Believers who are motivated by such heavenly such do whatever is needed by the person whom they love.  Jesus is the ultimate expression of this type of love.   Jesus knew that what everyone needed was a way to escape the penalty for sin, therefore, he met that need through sacrificing himself in our place.  God’s Love, the type of love exhibited in connections, inspired Jesus to fulfill our need for salvation.

Heavenly love fills our voids

Likewise, when God connects you to another member of the Body of Christ, His heavenly love inspires you to meet their needs too. It really does not matter what that need is, you simply want to meet it because you love them.  Water, which symbolizes the Holy Spirit, fills whatever gap that exists perfectly.  Likewise, when we love as God loves, we want to fill any void in the other person as perfectly as possible.

The degree of intimacy between believers depends on what God wishes to accomplish between individuals.  Some connections are no more than a handshake in the Spirit.  Others, demonstrate trust, compassion, acceptance, and are as deep and intimate as those emotions.

Heavenly love does whatever needs to be done

God governs the demonstration of heavenly love by the needs of the other person.  God leads us to do whatever He deems necessary to cherish those He connects us to in the way they need to be loved. The range of what God will do through His love is as infinite as He is.  We cannot restrict the love of God. Total love is true liberty to be whatever those we love need.

The love of God connects us in profound ways

In conclusion, connection love, which is the Tabernacle Experience, is the expression of the Logos.  It is the very essence of our Father flowing through us to other members of the Body of Christ.  The love of God is as deep and profound as it needs to be. Thus, when we allow the Holy Spirit to have His way, we love as He loves. Trust your Father’s voice and love others as He loves you.  Amen.