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A match made in heavenly places


“Esther, I think we should decide what our relationship is.”


Heavenly union

“I know, right at the beginning, I said I would just help establish things and I would not stick around.  That was true at the time because I have never been able to be around with things all the way to the end. One way or another, endings were never mine to have and to hold. So I could only comment on what I had experienced up to when we met.

So, because of what I said, you have been waiting for me to disappear.  I know you can never be truly honest and open with me with that type of fear in the back of your mind.

Though I felt that way back then, you said to me, “you never know, I might find what I’m looking for with tabernacles and not want to leave.”

So I gave it all more of a chance than I have with any “God thing” since that church experience that went so wrong.  Now I have felt this past day that I cannot imagine being without all of this – you and where I am with God and so on.

I just get scaredy-cat and nervous with things sometimes.  It’s all alien to me and some things are easier to process than others.”

What God has joined together, let no man put asunder


“I think God joined us spiritually, Esther, and I don’t think we can put that asunder.”


“Frankly, I cannot go back to how my life has been before you and tabernacles.”

Michael says softly,

“Esther, we should take a vow before God.”


“Honestly, I have just teared up every time I have thought of this today, which has been often.”

Michael rises, holds out his hand to Esther,

“Take my hand.”




“Kneel with me before God.”

Esther and Michael kneel, bowing their heads


“Father, Esther and I come before you and  offer ourselves to you as a couple, to become one in You.  We are ready to be one in You.


“Yes, Lord.”


“And do Your will, whatever that is. We are offering up our hearts, our souls, our spirits, even our bodies if that be Your wish; to do your will.

I love Esther, You have put that in me for her and I understand that now. I am ready to do Your will with her and through her.  We are joined in You, by your Holy Spirit, and we are to become one.


“Amen and I love Michael.”


“We put  away any reservations we have. Join us in love, Your love.  We submit ourselves to Your will.   We will open ourselves to each other fully for Your glory and purposes as Your bride.

Looking at Esther, lifting the veil from her face


Esther, I love you. I have always loved you from the beginning of time.  You are now bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. I desire you with all my heart.

I do not know fully what this heavenly union means to us, but I do know that I want to do this with you and be with you for eternity.  You are part of me and I am part of you.  I pledge my heart to you in all its imperfection. Whatever I have is yours and I want you to be with me forever as my spiritual mate.  From this time forth let us be one in all things in Him and do His will whatever the cost.”


“I am yours and I feel safe with you.”


“I feel safe with you also.  I kiss you softly as you melt into me and I into you.  We are one in Him and each other.

God speaks,


“My children, I have put you together as one for My purposes. I have united you in love and given you each other to represent My name and nature.  Do not fear what I do for your union’s purpose is for My will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Unite in Me and do not fear My intimacy.  Be blessed, go forth and multiply. 

Thus says your God.”

Now joined together in heavenly places, Esther and Michael say,


Heaven by Bryan Adam, cover by Boyce Avenue Featuring Megan Nicole