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heavy lifting

God Doesn’t Expect You To Do The Heavy Lifting

Often, when Jesus asks us to do things that seem beyond our ability, the truth is, they are. Almost all the time, when God asks the impossible, it requires God plus us to do it.

We can only do extraordinary things if God does the heavy lifting. The truth is, no one directed to do extraordinary things is expected to do it alone. Gideon did, by faith, what God said, and God made the impossible possible. Samson plus God equaled the defeat of the Philistines. Moses plus a rod of almond wood caused the destruction of the whole Egyptian army. Christ, filled with all the fullness of God, spelled defeat for the devil.

God always does His will

Therefore, it does not matter what Jesus call you to do, it is always with the caveat that God will do the part that is beyond your ability. Therefore, it is never about whether we can do it, it is only about if God wants to do it.

God calls us to do some amazing things. One thing we are going to do is to bring the whole Antichrist system to a screeching stop. Evil has spent generations bringing about a world order, but Christ will bring the Antichrist to ruin in a day. No individual Christian is capable of this feat, yet God in us will deal a death blow to the beast. God manifests His nature through us, destroying the beast’s empire through love.

Obedience is the key to strength

Obedience to His voice is the key to our strength. When we hear God speak and do His will, when He wants it done, we become mighty in Christ Jesus. Nothing is impossible when we are doing the will of our Father. Like a child lifting something too heavy, our Father adds His strength to ours, accomplishing the impossible.

In conclusion, don’t think that you are responsible for the heavy lifting. God does not ask you to do everything, He just wants the opportunity to do it through you. Amen.

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