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God says,

  “And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.”

Genesis 2:8

Eden was the center of the universe and within that special abode God placed Adam. Our Father created Adam from the dust of the Earth, breathing the breath of life into his nostrils.  All life comes from God. YHWH created Eden to be a perfect place in a perfect world, a cradle for His last and most amazing creation.

Lately, in the Spirit, I’m spending a lot of time in paradise. Frankly, it is not like pictured on christmas cards or Christian art. Eden is relatively flat, interspersed with trees here and there.  The Spirit of God permeates everything and flows harmoniously throughout His creation. The Holy Spirit even flows with and through the waters.  Animals are not as many as one might imagine and they don’t all crowd around you.  A spiritual connection exists between everything; especially between man and all living things.

Here is a truth,

If we close our hearts to each other

we end up closing our hearts to God also.

Sin broke intimacy with God.  Vulnerability is the first casuality as Adam and Eve become ashamed of their intimate nature. Mankind tries to hide from each other and God.  Intimacy, once holy and pure, becomes something filled with shame.  Adam trades a life lived by revelation with God for life lived by reason without God. Therefore, as the Holy Spirit leaves the first man, his understanding is darkened. As if someone turned out the lights, when you looked at Adam, God no longer looks back.

Innocence, the quality of openness and vulnerability, leaves us.  Knowing good and evil, Adam and his wife Eve make the best of a bad situation but pay for their sin, first and foremost, with the death of their son Able.  Everything goes downhill from there until eventually God says,

“And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.”

Genesis 6:13

The great deception

Satan deceives many into believing that true holiness has nothing to do with our flesh.  In fact, anything to do with the flesh, especially physical intimacy of almost any sort, is considered practically an abomination in the eyes of many. We are frightened of intimacy as we would be scared of the Devil himself.  Satan goes out of his way to associate practically all forms of intimacy with sin.  Fallen Lucifer basically says, “if you want love you must welcome perversion” and people, by and large, accept this premise.

The reason that our adversary works overtime to associate all forms of intimate behavior with sin is that he wants us to be afraid to love one another. The Devil pre-programs us to fear getting close. Therefore we are set up to reject the very holy affection that is our gateway back to the Garden.

To the pure all things are pure

True, Godly intimacy, is borne out of innocence through walking in the Spirit. When we reject the knowledge of good and evil and begin living by the word of God spoken to our hearts every minute of every day, we become innocent. To the pure all things are pure.  Innocent people find out that everything the devil perverts and degrades has a true, pure spiritual original. This is what holy kisses and love feasts are all about.

The great falling away (those who have ears let them hear) is a rejection of God’s Divine Love.  There is about to be a spiritual movement of such Divine Love that it will fundamentally change the way we view our Lord. Nothing of the Old or New Testaments will be violated, but most church doctrine will be blown away like chaff. Real love, true Agape Love, will bring healing to an entire generation and release us to do God’s will in ways we never imagined.

We do not need to hide ourselves from intimacy

I do not speak of conjecture or theory, nor is what I say derived from the study of Scripture.  These truths are not based upon “feelings” either.  I speak by revelation given by experiencing God through His Spirit.  Every single thing anyone says or does must be received and done in the same way. Unfortunately, many of Adam’s sons and daughters have forgotten to live this way.

I feel this love and see its effects.  I know holy intimacy is more powerful than anything of Earth. Almost every form of intimacy in this world is but a corruption and shadow of the real thing in heaven.  Earthly love is a fraud, a pretender, a cheat that fails to even remotely mimic something so beautiful and pure that most people have never tasted of the real thing. I have seen this love radically heal and change lives for the better. Divine Love is the Urim and Thummin of God that rightly divides our souls. These spiritual truths must be received through our spirits. The natural man cannot receive the things of God. The truth is, if you thought the Toronto Blessing was different, just wait until you get a load of this!

There is a undiscovered country

I have not stopped writing, in fact, I write every day.  However, beyond the Connection Chronicles lies a place in the Spirit that is so holy, so intimate, so profoundly divine that it is not lawful to speak of it.  This place is an inner chamber of God’s love where we unite with Him in holy oneness. Unfortunately, there are some places you can only go yourself and I, as the friend of the bridegroom, can only take you so far.

The reason people experience hurt and pain in their lives is because the devil wants to make them fear intimacy. Fornication, adultery, sexual abuse, multiple break ups with the opposite sex, failed marriages, broken relationships with parents, siblings, friends etc. are all designed to set you up to reject God’s Divine Love.

The way back to the Garden

The way back to the Garden is through holy intimacy.  However, if people are hurt and guarded, they cannot open up to Him, because He dwells in people.  God’s power dwells in holy intimacy.  This is what the Holy of Holies pictures. The virgin birth is a type of Holy intimacy too. Raising your hands to heaven is not worshipping God, hugging your brethren is. Praying by yourself is not where God is at, Jesus manifests where two or three are gathered in His name.  The coming move of Tabernacles is, at its core, about intimacy with you, your brethren and God.

In conclusion, I have led you to the door of the inner chamber. Everything I have written on is to bring you to your bridegroom. However, it is up to you to go in and experience God intimately in whatever way He desires.

Love Generation by Bob Sinclar