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holy remnant

This Is A True Word

A Holy Remnant by David Wilkerson

Are You Part Of A Holy Remnant?

I always respected David Wilkerson very much.  As a young christian I read “The Cross and the Switchblade” and then “the vision.” What impressed me most though, is that when he was successful in his ministry God called him back to the streets to preach and He obeyed.

Since William Branham, I do not think a greater prophet has arisen in America.  Yet, in the coming days, the least among us will speak greater revelation than these two prophets.  Revelation is not dependent upon us, but upon the moving of the Holy Spirit within us.  The Bride of Christ speaks as the oracle of God, because she know her creator intimately.

The first century apostles had been with Christ, therefore, even though unlearned, they spoke as the oracles of God.  Even the word of God of old, came not by the will of man, but they spake as His Holy Spirit moved them.  We are common clay, yet God fashions us into His vessels and we become exceedingly precious.

How can I apply this teaching to my life?

If you have not done so already, read “The Cross and the Switchblade” and the “The Vision” by David Wilkerson.  As you read these books, note how David stepped out in faith and heard God’s voice. Do the same when God calls you.