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dance in the Spirit

 How To Dance In The Spirit

First Axiom:  God is amazing.

Second Axiom:  God desires worship

Third Axiom:  We can worship God by dancing before Him.

For today’s spiritual exercise you will need approximately 100 square feet of space cleared of obstacles. Pick somewhere that you will not be distracted or disturbed. Have a way to play music. You can do this alone or with friends.  Allow at least 1/2 hour for this exercise.

Suggested music:

Canticle of the bride by John Michael Talbot


Revelation song by Jesus Culture


God’s Great Dance Floor by Passion

Exercise goal:

To learn how to worship Jesus in freedom and liberty by using your whole body to express yourself to Him.

Exercise method:

Quiet yourself before God.  Pray for His Holy Spirit to lead you. Turn on the music and let the Holy Spirit move you.  Do not judge how you look or how it feels. Let go and do whatever God’s Spirit desires to do. There is no set way to do this so feel free to experiment. Let go of all your inhibitions and give yourself to loving Jesus.  Dance.

If you allow Him to, the Holy Spirit will literally take over your body and move through you. You will feel as if your body wants to flow in certain ways, so allow it to do so. Relinquish control to the Holy Spirit.

This can be a very profound spiritual experience. Don’t be afraid to express yourself with emotion: it is impossible not to be moved emotionally when you feel God.

(Note: You can dance in the Spirit by yourself or with another.)

Exercise Benefits:

This exercise is meant to allow you to practice worshipping God by yielding your entire body, soul, and spirit to God.

(Note: The choice of music is important. Be Spirit led and pick music that honors God.)

finally, have fun!

P.S. Share your testimonies of what God does for others to read…it will be a great encouragement to everyone!