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In this essay, I write about God making love to us through one another.  This is the first love of Eden; holy, pure, and unadulterated.  Intimacy with a divine mate and God is the point of being filled with His Spirit.  If frank discussions of intimacy bother you, please do not continue reading.

Question: Do You Have No Shame?

I am my Beloved’s

 “Hope you’re sleeping and dreaming well, I think you’re away somewhere in spirit, my inner places are pulsing and feeling you in there!

As I enter our Inner Chamber, I slide into our bed with you already under the sheets, wrapping my naked self around you, skin on skin, so sensuous to feel, my head and breast laying on your chest, feeling and hearing your heartbeat, your warmth so alluring.

I breathe you in, your sweet aroma, as my head gently rises with your chest. The music and rhythm of our love swells within me, a crescendo of pure, divine love.

How I love thee my beloved so very much!  

Chambers by Catherine Mullins