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I surrender

… To Divine Love

Why Do we instinctively identify with the song “I surrender?”  It is because it is about Divine Love.  We all know that there is a true love we need to find, that we must find.  Our desire for completeness run so deep within us, we can’t deny it.  If you are not with the mate of God’s choosing, you’re simply not whole.

The world is based upon eternal truths. These are fundamental God authored realities that everyone instinctively feels even if they do not fully understand them. Why does everyone love grass lawns? Why does everyone build a gate even when there is no need for one? Why does a water fall and clear pond soothe our troubled souls? It is because we all remember Eden. We also remember and long to experience God’s Divine love through one another once again. The songs “I surrender” by Celine Dion are popular because most of them are about spiritual connections.