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importance of being a Divine Mate

Can you be the Bride of Christ if you are married to the wrong person?

Sometimes, as we travel towards a mountain range, we only see indistinct shapes as we approach.  Nearing, we see more of the lay of the land, understanding our destination’s finer detail.  Likewise, as I travel on with God, my journey takes me places I’ve never seen before in His Spirit.  At first, I see general outlines of a certain new truth, then as I near it, I see more detail.

So too, with Divine Mates, God is refining my understanding of them and their place relative to His plan for humanity.  As I come to know YHWH’s heart and mind in this matter, I now understand how central divine unions are to everything He is doing.  Essentially, the future wife of God is made up of Divine Mates.

The importance of being a Divine Mate

Not everyone who is part of the Bride of Christ is a Divine Mate; however, in our age, most are.  In Solomon’s family there were three score queens, fourscore concubines, and virgins without number.  In addition, Solomon loved the Shunammite with all his heart.  Therefore, within the wife of God there are different levels of intimacy and relationship, yet one wife.  Moreover, in Solomon’s house, each and every woman loved according to her desire and all could love as deeply and as passionately as they dared.

When I speak, I don’t qualify my statements very much.  I purposely don’t do this, because it bogs down the revelation of God.  These things are spiritually discerned anyway; therefore, I am speaking to your spirit and not your natural mind.  In truth, experiencing God personally answers most questions people have, because they find out first hand what I am talking about.

It may start in the Spirit, but it should end up with a Divine Mate

The spiritual realm is infinitely vast.  Everyone could experience a different aspect of God forever and no two personal encounters be the same.  However, any one experience, such as His Holiness, tends to follow a certain pattern, ending up with some fundamental realizations.

People can and do experience very intimate things in God when alone with Him.  God can and does love you with such a pure, sweet Spirit that His love is simply out of this world.  However, I believe that we should always allow Him to express Himself fully and understand the importance of being a Divine Mate.

Though not everyone will be a Divine Mate, that is where all those who are able should allow God to take them.  The reason for this is that becoming one with God through another human being was His plan from the very beginning.  If that is God’s fundamental desire, and we stop short of it, how can we really satisfy our Lord?

Giving our bodies as a living sacrifice

God bought us with the price of Christ.  Jesus paid the price for us and now we are joint-heirs with Christ.  Living in the palace as we do, our Lord has the right to us.  Though we be a virgin, that is not all we ever hope for.  If we are favored by our King and He approaches us, we must be open to His advances.  God is a gentleman and will always defer to our feelings and emotions, but if we refuse to open our hearts and minds to Him, He simply goes elsewhere.  We are still among His Bride, but we have not allowed our love relationship to blossom fully.

In conclusion, understand the importance of being a Divine Mate to God, both spiritually and physically.  It is our purpose and calling to be with our Creator in whatever way He desires.  As woman gives herself to her mate, let us give ourselves to YHWH in the inner chambers of His love.