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How Do We Love God?

In As Many Ways As Possible

There is a vast range in types and purposes of spiritual connections within the Body of Christ. In fact, the diversity of how God loves us through one another is probably infinite. This means that there is no “one way” to spiritually connect with another member of the Bride of Christ.

While the combinations are limitless, God’s agape love is the foundation of all Divine Unions. Selfless, compassionate, pure love courses through each and every one of us as we unite with another. It is truly like the tree of life growing in and through each of us.

Intimate and non-intimate connections

Therefore, though there are intimate connections there are also non-intimate connections. Neither is superior to the other, for both are in accordance with God’s will. What is important in each, though, is that we yield everything and express His love.

At Tabernacles Central I write a lot about Spiritual Connections and the intimacy associated with them. However, when I speak about God’s intimacy, it includes everything from a friendly pat on the back to intimate union between Divine Mates. Within these two extremes lies an endless variety of loving expressions among His people.

Every connection within the Body of Christ is important. Every member that God loves through another is precious. No one is better loved or less needed than someone else. The truth is we need each and every soul to fully manifest God’s glory.

Spirit recognizes Spirit

The measure of a spiritual connection is not in what it looks like, nor in what others think about it, but in the witness of God in our spirits. Spirit recognizes Spirit and when God testifies of someone’s love towards another, then the matter is settled.

We have little real idea of where all this is going to end up, except that when we see him we shall know him, for we shall be like him. Amen.

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