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intimate God


In this essay, I write about a topic that is considered taboo in Christianity.  If frank discussions of intimacy bother you, please do not continue reading.

Our Creator is also our lover. We were taken out of Him and are destined to become His wife. This is the picture that God painted with the creation of Eve from one of Adam’s ribs.  Therefore, it is important we come to understand that, as His bride, we will be intimate with God on every level.

Right now, the church is against intimacy with God in the way that God desires. Intimacy in the church is like skimmed milk, almost everything that makes it what it is has been taken out of it.  It may look like the real thing, but when you taste it, there is very little “real” there.

This particular blog has a “mature” rating

What I am about to talk about is a very sensitive and mature topic in God.  It is about true intimacy with our creator and, as such, it is a frank and open discussion. When I speak about such things I know it may offend some who view our relationship with God as purely spiritual, but they would be offended even if I discussed something as scriptural as a holy kiss.

In order to know God, you must accept what He reveals to you.  When we determine what our Father can and cannot say we disrespect His sovereignty. Most of the problems in the Church today stem from the fact that ministers do not preach or teach the “whole” Gospel.  In effect many ministers give their people only the skimmed milk of the word.

God’s intelligent design

In Eden, God created everything by design.  Nothing that our Father spoke into existence was random chance.  Everything had a purpose, a place, and a reason for being. In the beginning, in the garden, that purpose was crystal clear. Now, because of sin, we look through a glass darkly.  We must embrace an “Edenic” level of understanding again if we truly desire to know who and what our God is to us. Therefore, we also must determine to allow our minds and hearts to consider the “why” of our existence.

In love-making, everything culminates in orgasm.  While cuddling and closeness are enjoyable, climax is what most people describe as heaven. Since God purposely created this moment of mutual ecstasy, what is the reason behind it?  If God paints a picture of what He wants through everything else in creation, surely He communicates a fundamental truth in this instance also. In fact, orgasm is “the” fundamental truth of why God created us.

The truth about the big “O”

The truth about orgasm in the act of making love is that it represents the joy of creation. It is the inception of something great and eternal in God. When two people mate, there is God in the midst.  Moreover, YWHW’s shekinah glory manifests during this highlight of love-making.  This is why, universally, women often praise God during explosive orgasms.

When we mate, and particularly when we climax, our spirits emerge and merge with one another.  During that time we not only join with each other, but we also join with God Himself. In the beginning sex was designed to be the way God made love to His creation. Through fully inhabiting Adam and Eve, when they made love, God made love to them and they also made love to Him.

Divine love is not sacrilegious

While this may seem sacrilegious to some, it only demonstrates how completely the devil has tried to divorce people from what God made us to be.  Many do not understand that we were fashioned and are destined to be God’s wife.  Just as spiritual and physical intimacy should be at the core of any earthly relationship, spiritual and physical intimacy is at the core of our relationship with God too.  Misguided people have tried to purify intimacy with God by removing any fleshly contact.  In actuality though, intimacy with God was always part and parcel with our flesh. The physical act of marriage is meant to be an act of making love with God Himself.

During orgasm, we actually mate with God.  Consummation with God’s Spirit during sex is the only way an eternal spirit can be conceived.  In fact, the stronger the union between the man, woman, and God is, the more propensity a child will have towards their heavenly Father.

The Devil perverts what is holy and good

The Devil, knowing this, has spent much of His time trying to degrade and defile sexual unions. Lucifer goes out of her way to pervert intimacy to almost an unimaginable degree. Knowing that God must be present during the act of love, Satan drags it and thus God, through filth. God causes the sun to come up every day, no matter what men do on earth.  Likewise, God also shows up during sex no matter how dirty man makes it, else children cannot be born.

However, sometimes God decides not to be present and bad things happen.  When a child is born without the union of God and man, you get pure animal. Without God’s presence, a child is born without spirit and thus acts on pure animal instinct.  In extreme cases, this produces a sociopath or a psychopath. These sorts of people lack a conscience and can act in ways that normal human beings, born of the spirit, find abhorrent. When those who lack spirits, turn to the dark side, there is no level of evil they will do without remorse.  Many who are in satanic cults are people who are born in this way to various degrees.

It is very important whom you chose to marry

This is precisely why, it is so important for people to allow God to pick their mates.  Since God is going to be with you every time you make love, it essential that He approves of who you make love with. While, like the sun coming up each morning, God will be with you during mating, God does not like to honor what He does not author. Therefore, if you want to please God you will do so by allowing Him to select the mate that He and you will join with.  Doing otherwise messes up the plan of God for your life and makes your sexual union fizzle after you fulfill your biological need to procreate. However, if you allow God to join you with the mate of His choosing, your sexual union will flower and increase in-depth and satisfaction all throughout your marriage.

In conclusion, I understand this is a difficult subject for many to talk about.  To be honest though, why should I hesitate to speak about the things of God because the Devil deceives the saints?  If no one ever dares to speak the mind of Christ, how will people ever know it?

Speak To Me by Amy Lee