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We all are in need of intimate healing

God is the author of our intimate nature

In the beginning God looked upon what He had made and said it was very good. Our sexual nature, which God gave to us, is at the very center of who we are. Our bodies, with all their reproductive organs and sensations are holy and good. We are created to be sexual beings bringing forth, after our kind, abundantly. Indeed, couples often mention God, as if to thank Him, during the act of marriage.

Naked and unashamed was just a fact of God’s new creation. There was no shame because we did not know sin. If Eve hadn’t eaten of the forbidden fruit, chances are, we would all be naked to this very day.

We are all in need of intimate healing

Shame is the nexus of evil in our lives and it derives power from our distorted and damaged sexual nature. In the beginning, we were created with wholly intact intimate natures. However,through sin we felt ashamed of our bodies and covered part of ourselves. This symbolic act represented a deeper and more fundamental repression of who we were. We knew shame and that shame manifested itself in a panic. Adam and Eve hid what they believed to be indecent. Since that time hardly anyone has ever never known what love without lust is when it comes to the opposite sex. Shame, in fact, is the source of all perversion.

In truth, because that part of us is damaged, guilt in that one area affects everything else in our lives too.  The reality is that people who are sensitive to God are also often very sexual in nature. Satan uses their God given intimate nature to tempt them into all kinds of trouble. Satan, sensing who people may become in God, tries to destroy them through violating their intimate nature.

Hiding our pain because we are ashamed

Many of us are, sexually speaking, the walking wounded. These are the types of hidden areas that people carry around with them all their lives but never openly confess.  Many learn to cope, but they never completely heal because of the damage done to their intimate nature.  Others, too hurt to cope, simply spiral down until they end up dead of a drug overdose in some back alley.  Intimate natures can be damaged through being abused or partaking of sin. In short, hardly anyone escapes from the effects of sexual sin.

How far will God go to save a soul? What are His boundaries? Does He care about offending our sensibilities? I would submit that, if God gave His only begotten son to die for our sins, that He will stop at nothing to heal a person also.

How far would you go to heal another?

There once was a woman who was bitter about a break up with her boyfriend. This man said he loved her and convinced her to sleep with him before marriage and she lost her virginity. Then, that same man left her for another woman. She was so bitter that all she spoke about was how she hated him. Friends and relatives could hardly stand to be around her because of the hate and pain pouring out of her in an unrelenting flood. Through lies and deceit, someone she trusted destroyed her intimate nature.

God gave me a heart for her even though I found it difficult to be in the presence of such bitterness. One day, feeling to pray for her, I asked her if she would let me do so.  To my surprise she said “yes.”  She was sitting down and so I came over and laid my hand on her. Though I have told this story many times before, I have never said “where I laid my hand.”  God told me to lay my hand on her breast and I did. When I prayed her face instantly softened, relaxed and then, with a look of surprise, she exclaimed, “it’s gone!”

After that she was a different person. Everyone, family and friends, noticed that the bitterness and anger was gone. She no longer talked about her past boyfriend and seemed to be in her right mind once again.

Our secret places

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that in your secret places, the ones you never talk about, you’re in need of intimate healing too.  Many feel worthless. Individuals harbor deep feelings of shame for what was done to them or guilt for what they did to others. Even knowing forgiveness does not erase or fix that part of our psyche. For many, our intimate nature is broken and we see no way to fix it.

However, I have good news for everyone: when God’s divine love comes God will heal those areas of pain and shame through the Body of Christ. Spirit led brethren will, as it were, lay hands on your intimate areas to deliver you from the hurt you carry deep within you. God will, through His divine love, move those whom you spiritually connect with to figuratively and sometimes literally touch those areas that are the source of your pain and intimately heal your souls and spirits.

The only true love is from Above

God will do a new and holy work. Returning to innocence will allow God to deal directly with deep seated wounds at the very core of who we are. We will trust those He sends to heal us because we trust our Father in them. You, like the woman I described above, will know sudden relief from your pain. I want to tell you that hope and help are on the horizon. God will completely heal you through receiving His Divine Love. Be encouraged and comforted, the glorious liberty of the sons of God is at hand.


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