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It is difficult to find truth nowadays. We look at people shouting and waving their arms that they have the truth, while others on the opposite side of issues say they are right. We search to know what is right, or even close to right, so that we can make informed decisions and live a good life.

However, what is a Christian to do in a world that does not value truth? The standard answer to that is just believe in the plain word of God. While this seems wise on the outside, why are there so many different denominations who believe different things about the Bible? Many of which are diametrically opposed to each other?

Live by revelation

What I have come to believe is that, while the scriptures are the revealed word of God, the only way they can speak truth is through God’s Spirit. In other words, what is right must be revealed through His Spirit and not through our natural minds. The fallacy that many believers commit is that they pursue spiritual things through the knowledge of good. However, as we read in Genesis, both the knowledge of good and evil lead to the ways of death.

Frankly, as we progress deeper into strong delusion, truth will become so scarce, there will be a famine for the Word of God. Mind you, I do not say there will be shortage of knowledge about God, just a lack of revelation. Why? Because people will not be open to hearing His voice and receiving His word directly. Most will only believe what they can understand through reason. However, a natural man cannot hear, much less understand, the things of God.

Prophets, speak by revelation

I encourage prophets to simply speak what God gives them. People of this age are so far from God now that anything He says through you will seem ludicrous. It really does not matter how a world fumes and fusses about the truth that passes through your lips. Let the word of God be a testimony of your faithfulness in these last days. Stand up for God and He will stand with you.


Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns