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Focus on what is important

Lately, I have been trying to focus on things that are important. In my definition, that is:

  1. Listen, hear and obey on time what God speaks to you.
  2. Take care of myself.
  3. Take care of my family.

Most everything that I consider important in my life fits into these three categories.

To begin with, I believe that what our Father speaks to us directly, on a daily basis, is what is most important in our lives. Regardless of whether His words make immediate sense, they are always correct. Our highest purpose and calling is to then hear what Jesus says and, if directed, implement it to the best of our ability.

Moreover, many times there is a vast difference between doing what we think is right and what He is truly saying. Our minds usually jump to all sorts of conclusions of why God is asking us to do this and that, but more often than not, we completely miss the big picture of what He wants to accomplish. This is why we must obey by faith, not demanding that we understand things that are simply beyond us. Demanding that we understand before we act, slows down what our Father purposes and sometimes even causes us to miss it altogether.

Take care of yourself

Next, there is the care of our selves. Many teach that it is a virtue to put others before ourselves. While, especially as parents, this is unavoidable, still it is not a long-term winning strategy if unbalanced. Those around us come to depend quite a bit on us being healthy and able to fulfill our role in there lives. When we become sick due to personal neglect, we not only cannot take care of ourselves, but we leave a tremendous hole in those around us.

In life, there are many competing interests that demand our attention. However, when we neglect our health in order to meet those needs, we often only help a little bit while we decline dramatically. Eventually, we are forced to consider ourselves or our bodies give up. This helps no one. It is not selfish to consider yourself and your health. Living with people should be a win/win situation for all involved, not only a one way street.

Care for your family

Lastly, if you have a family or desire to have one someday, God is interested in you taking care of them according to His plan. Our creator always blesses what He authors and when we submit to His will, He adds His strength, wisdom and grace to our efforts.

We live in a world where Satan is trying to destroy the family unit and with it, our very humanity. Men are being emasculated in the media while women are being tempted to leave their first estate. Children, rather than being taught submission to authority, are be led astray by a myriad of bad role models. None of these departures from Godly order help any of those involved.

Trust in God’s pattern

In these latter days, when we are in the midst of STRONG DELUSION, trusting in God’s pattern for men, women, and children is the only way forward. Men should stand strong physically, mentally and spiritually for those around us. We should contend for the faith against a world that is antichrist. Women should willingly give their allegiance and support to their men, knowing that this is the plan and purpose for their lives in God. Children should be taught that submission to parental authority is not only right in the Lord, but a life skill that will cause them to be honored and respected in their adult lives.

Lastly, in this time of upheaval, fear not. Darkness only makes our light brighter as we simply do what is important.



Love Shine a Light by Katrina and the Waves