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To Those Who Face Isolation

Right now, the Bride of Christ is isolated.  God’s future wife lives in every corner of the world, in every conceivable circumstance imaginable.  Many of us look nothing like Christians at the moment.  We believe one of the main functions of Tabernacles Central is to help connect believers through God’s Divine Love.  Only you know who you are and if you connect with the Tabernacles message.

Reaching out through Divine Love

We are reaching out to you and calling you to the marriage supper of the Lamb.  I encourage you to take a chance and do the same.  Tabernacles Central presents many wonderful truths for your consideration, however, they are to no avail if isolation keeps us apart.  Without being connected, no body can function properly.  God joins us together through His Divine Love so that we can support and nurture each other.

The Devil hurts many of us.  Therefore, we recluse and hold up in our “safe places”, to protect ourselves from further pain.  However, our safe places ultimately become prison cells, keeping us from being part of Christ’s body.  No matter where you are at, God has a place for you in Him.  God unlocks the door, but only you can walk out.

The truth is, God is looking for you

God is the one looking for you.  Your Father wants you to be part of His Bride.  Reach out to us as we have reached out to you.  I personally know what it is to face isolation because I don’t appear like the standard believer either.  Philadelphian saints don’t look or act any set way.  All we desire is to know you through the Holy Spirit and see you as God knows you.  The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come”.

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Come As You Are By Crowder