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Jacob's Ladder

There are three main steps to Jacob’s ladder

1. Salvation (the spiritual fulfillment of Passover.

2. Holy Spirit Baptism (the spiritual fulfillment of Pentecost)

3. Oneness with God (the spiritual fulfillment of Tabernacles)

1. The spiritual experience of salvation is forgiveness

2. The spiritual experience of Holy Spirit Baptism is speaking in other tongues

3. The spiritual experience of Oneness with God is Divine Love

Don’t despise Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob's Ladder

These three spiritual experiences of Jacob’s Ladder are designed to bring believers back into the pre-fallen state of Eden. They are meant to restore the communion that Adam lost and Christ demonstrated. It is nothing less than the restoration of God’s image and likeness in the body of Christ.

God restores Eden’s first love , i.e. total and complete communion with Him.  Since God is love we too become love. The love of God in Christ is so powerful it unites his Body in ways we cannot yet imagine. It unlocks spiritual gifts in His people to an unprecedented degree causing a nation to be born in a day.

Give God a chance to have His say

Jacob's Ladder

We must begin to seek God where we can find God.  Moreover, we must use Jacob’s Ladder to go beyond where we have been to find out where God is.  While I encourage you to prove all things and hold fast that which is true, I also encourage you to consider new things long enough to find out whether they be true. All too often, people fail to receive new things from God simply because they reject Him before they ever have a chance to hear what He says.

Upon Jacob’s Ladder we step into the supernatural.  As Strong Delusion increases so does Strong Revelation.  God foreshadowed through such prophets as Ezekiel and John the apostle, each seeing and doing things not of this world.  As we start to enter into such heavenly places on Jacob’s Ladder expect our experiences not be of this Earth either.  The message below is an interesting example of this new breed of believer.

Jacob’s Ladder by Anne Murray