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God says,

Use What You’ve Got

“And he found a new jawbone of an ass, and put forth his hand, and took it, and slew a thousand men therewith.”

Judges 15:15

The story goes that the Philistines were upset because Samson set fire to their fields with the aid of three hundred foxes. Three thousand men came to Samson’s people, demanding they give him up, so that they could take revenge. His people decided to hand him over. To say the least, Samson was in a tough spot.

On the ground lay a new jawbone of an ass. To the natural man a donkey’s bone does not seem like much, but to Samson and the Spirit of God, it was everything. Here is a truth,

“Anything plus God equals victory.”

Faith as small as the grain of a mustard seed can move a mountain. A rod raised over the red sea can part its waters. A few fishes and loaves of bread can feed five thousand. It matters not how small or insignificant what you have is, because when you add God, it is more than enough.

With this in mind, shouldn’t we look with new eyes upon what we already have at our disposal? Instead of dismissing things as too small or unworthy, maybe everything we need to overcome what faces us is already within our reach. Perhaps, by faith, we need only seize upon what we already have and that will be sufficient.

The Jawbone of an Ass was more than enough

In conclusion, understand that our deliverance, like Samson’s, comes not from our own strength, but from God. Mere men may need armies, but with God, we only need the little we have and His Spirit to prevail. Look at what your Father has already given you and ask Him if this is what He can and will use to win the battle you face. Maybe, the means to victory is closer than you think, even within your grasp.

Samson Kills 1000 Philistines