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Looking forward to intimacy with Jesus


In this essay, I write about topics that some consider taboo in Christianity.  If frank discussions of intimacy bother you, please do not continue reading.

To be the Bride of Christ, you must also believe in, and in fact be looking forward to, intimacy with your husband, Jesus. This not theoretical intimacy, but it’s as much a real world love relationship as the virgin birth is a literal, historical fact.

Why is this important to you? This topic is vital to understand, because acceptance or rejection of God’s divine love is the dividing line between those who are raptured and those who are left behind to face the wrath of the beast. Therefore, those who have ears to hear, hear what the Spirit is speaking to His people.

Union with Christ is a real experience

How do you experience that level of union with Christ? How do we join in spirit, in soul, and in body to our heavenly Bridegroom? The answer to this question is simple – God loves us through his own body. You will feel God’s divine love through a member of the Body of Christ that He deems most suitable to express his love. If you are a woman, that member will most likely be a man. If you are a man, the member of Christ’s body you will love will most likely be a woman. Just as we express our love through our bodies, God expresses His love through his body. Furthermore, God purposed for humans to feel His love through other people from the very beginning. This first love of Eden was demonstrated by through the first meeting of Adam and Eve. As Adam loved Eve, God was in him loving her. As Eve loved Adam, God was her loving Him. This is the mystery of the church.

Eroticism paired with loving God, is thought by some to be tantamount to blasphemy. However, holy intimacy with God through a member of His body, is the highest form of worship there is. If a kiss between two believers is holy when directed by His Spirit, then how much more is worship expressed though deeper forms of physical intimacy holy as God leads?

Both right and shocking

To many, what I’ve just said seems both right and shocking at the same time. It feels marvelously right in our spirits, but shocking to some in their natural minds. Though we yearn for a free, righteous, and God-ordained expression of love, we’ve been taught to fear such freedom is sin.

Often we are taught that anything that looks intimate is potentially sin. We are urged to practice an outward holiness, which looks right, in order to find acceptance in this world. If we hug, kiss, or make love to another person, if it doesn’t look right, we are told we are sinning. Thus, the clergy and those who follow them, become the ‘intimacy police’. In some churches if you hug frontally, you will be cautioned. These people, while trying to stop sin, actually prevent the Bride of Christ from loving her Bridegroom as He desires.

Likewise, Christianity discourages worshipers from thinking of Jesus in intimate terms, like a woman would towards an earthly lover. The fact is, a woman in love wants every part of her known by her lover. She desires to have him look upon her with adoration and desire. Everyone instinctively understand this and, in fact, holds such “passionate” love up as an ideal between husband and wife. Yet do not the scriptures speak of such an intimate relationship between Himself and His bride? Why is it important that Paul present us as a chaste virgin to Christ, if God does not intend to have sex with us?

Holy intimacy

The truth is, while there is an extreme element of holiness in the coming move of Tabernacles, there is also an overwhelming aspect of holy intimacy. We are beginning to learn of many women who are having spiritual encounters with Christ that are highly erotic. Many women are beginning to orgasm during services where the Holy Spirit is moving. These women are signs, they foreshadow the love relationship – the consummation if you will – between Jesus Christ and his body. We are literally becoming bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh.

Therefore, these holy women love their heavenly Lord as fully as any earthly woman would love their man. It is a sign that the Bride is making herself ready, even in her secret places, to consummate her relationship with YHWH. Holy Consummation is the fulfillment of the picture God painted long ago through bringing Eve to Adam. If you can receive it, physical union between God and members of His body is the very reason for creation – God desires to bring forth after His kind.

Jesus makes love to us through is body

One of the aspects of the Tabernacle Blessing that troubles some is the fact that God mates with us through one another – as His Spirit chooses. There is a lot of physical expression between men and women when divine love falls upon us and God expresses Himself through us towards each other. We kiss, hug, snuggle, and sometimes make love as the Spirit leads. These expressions are not anarchy, but holy actions specifically lead by the Holy Spirit as He sees fit. It is a holy kiss, because God is kissing another through us. It is a holy hug or snuggle because Christ is hugging or snuggling the other person through us. And finally, if God so leads, it is holy consummation, because God is loving through them and being loved by them in return.

Is this permissible? Can it be right to say that God is in us, expressing Himself through our bodies to one another in such an inmate way? Many do not think it strange when God possesses our tongue. We accept our Father healing through our hands and we lay them on the sick. Why would God not want to express His holy nature in the most intimate act that He ever created? Do you honestly believe it is proper to ask God to wait outside in the living room while His children make love in secret, away from His presence? The answer is “no, – why? – because in the beginning it was not so.”

Go forth, be fruitful and multiply

YHWH is the one who commanded that Adam and Eve to “go forth, be fruitful and multiply.” If, where two or three are gathered in His name, there is He in their midst, how much more does God wish to be with those who are fulfilling His original commandment? The truth is, when a man and woman unite, God desires to be present in order to bring forth after His kind. The way that He ordains to bring forth His children is through men and women mating through His leading, at his timing, so that their offspring may be the children of His choosing.

Looking forward to our wedding night

In the end of the church age, when the Bride of Christ is making herself ready, what happens? Those who hear God’s voice and do His will, when He says to do it, with whomever He says to do it with, reform back to His original intent. As we go back to the garden, regaining our innocence by listening to and doing every word that proceeds out of His mouth, what we do becomes a pure expression of His will. We do not judge for ourselves, we simply do what He leads us to do. We cease to live by the knowledge of good and evil and revert a back to living by revelation.

When we do this, God is free to lead us in every area, even in intimate expressions. He chooses what we do and with whom we do it, all for His glory. If we’ve made foolish vows, He corrects them. If He decides we marry someone from a different station in life, we do. If a single or married woman feels to make love to Him in a very erotic way, she does – because she is part of the greater Mary – she is the handmaiden of the Most High God.


To Be Loved By You by Wynonna Judd